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Overnight Oats

October 27, 2017

Ok so let me start with how excited I am to be writing this post.

I LOVE Overnight Oats.

I discovered this deliciously indulgent (AND nutritious) breakfast abut a year ago and now I can’t imagine mornings without them. I’m a big believer that starting your day is best with a decent breakfast. I’m always super hungry in the mornings and having breakfast means I’m more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day.

On weekdays I take breakfast to work, which tends to be either a golden syrup porridge sachet, branflakes or overnight oats. All end up around 200/300 calories and will keep me going until lunch time.

At the weekend I usually go for an eggy breakfast, something like poached egg and mushrooms on toast, with my dads homemade sourdough bread … yum! So … let’s talk overnight oats.


Fruity Overnight Oats

One of the brilliant things about them, is their convenience. I always find that when I’m trying to eat healthily, preparation is key. So being able to prepare breakfast the night before work and then pop it in my bag in the morning is the dream! I usually make mine in an old jam jar, which works really well size wise. My favourite recipe for overnight oats is so simple, but honestly tastes like you are eating a dessert!
Here’s all you need:

A Jam Jar
40g Rolled Oats
Muller Light Smooth Toffee Yoghurt

Weigh out your oats in an bowl, and add the yoghurt. Chop/ grate your apple and mix it in with everything else. Pop it into your jar and then it’s ready to spend the night in the fridge! Easy right?!

I like to grate my apple into the mixture, as it makes it even more gooey and delicious, but small chunks works just as well. Another way I like to make this breakfast is with fresh or frozen berries. They mix in really nicely and flavour the oats. Just swap the toffee yoghurt for natural (or even a fruit flavoured) and stir in the berries. This is what I love about overnight oats, there are endless possibilities! So give it a go and let me know if you have anymore tasty combos!

Esther xo


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