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Meet the house plants

October 31, 2017

Sometimes, the finishing touch you need in a room is nature. Whether it’s a big bright bunch of flowers or a cute little cactus, I think it can really bring a room to life.

We went on a little trip to Ikea before we moved into our new flat, and when I say little trip, that might not be quite accurate … Five hours, three trolleys and a pit stop for Swedish meatballs later, we finished our Ikea haul … hooray! On top of our trolley load were our first two indoor plants, the cherry on top of our furnishings.


Peace Lilly’s are apparently hard to kill (touch wood) and I love dark green colour of the leaves in contrast with our white walls and shelves. This is one from Ikea, the pot comes separately but fits really well.


I’ve seen these tumbling Ivy plants on Pinterest, and love the way they fall down and over flow the plant pot. Also from Ikea, they do have fake plants, but I wasn’t convinced they’d look like the real thing.


When we moved in, we got a beautiful house warming gift of two yellow, indoor flowers in white pots. Unfortunately they’re no longer with us – RIP yellow beauties, so I’ve been on the look out for replacements.

I found these sweet things browsing Cambridge market and I couldn’t resist! All three cost £10 and they fit perfectly in the living room.


I like to buy from local businesses and markets as much as possible, so i’m really chuffed about these.


Also, as far as I know, Cacti don’t need too much care and attention … so fingers crossed they’ll last!


Did you know as well as looking pretty, having plants indoors can give your mind and body a boost?

Apparently, adding a bit of nature into your home or workplace can improve focus, support general health and well being, and even clear the air.

All the more reason to give your office a nature filled spruce up, right?!

So there you have it, a little insight into my living room and plant preferences.

Let me know your favourites.

Esther xo


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