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The Pumpkin Festival

November 2, 2017

Halloween’s a funny thing isn’t it?

For me, it’s all about fully embracing autumn, practicing my pumpkin carving, and eating ALL the chocolate.

Pretty great right. This year we dedicated a whole Saturday to Halloween festivities. It’s not really the fact that it’s Halloween, I mean if I’m honest, I don’t really know much about why we have the holiday, but any excuse to eat chocolate, i’m in!

This year I decided to make the exciting trip to my first ever pumpkin patch, and what a great decision that was.


At the pumpkin patch somewhere in Cambridge, we wandered around the field in search for the perfect pumpkin. I had no idea what design I was going to do, but wanted a range of sizes so we could create a cute display.

We ended up leaving with 11 pumpkins … yep, 11. There were six of us, so it doesn’t seem too bad, but three of them were mine …


It was so much fun picking out our pumpkins, and it felt great to be buying from a local farm rather than a supermarket. The farmers did look kind of surprised when we headed to pay with a whole wheelbarrow full of pumpkins, but they were happy.

What filled the rest of the day can only be described as some sort of pumpkin festival. In fact, the whole day could have been named the pumpkin festival!

We headed back, pumpkins in car boots, and started carving. I feel like every year, you forget how strenuous pumpkin carving is. Half a pumpkin down and i’m thinking oh wow, i’ve still got two more to go!


I persevered, taking out the insides, separating the seeds and the flesh, and carving my face.


I should explain, in the mean time to make the most of our pumpkin insides, we got to work making pumpkin pie, soup, AND cookies.

Like I said, it was a day full of pumpkin! We didn’t want to waste too much so thought hey, let’s give it a go.


And you know what, it actually turned out pretty well! Yes I was having pumpkin soup every lunch for a week, but it was actually a lovely winter warmer whilst I was at work.

After what seemed like days of pumpkin activities later, we all settled down on the sofa and put a scary movie on. I’m not much of a scary movie fan, but you know, it’s Halloween and we wanted to really get in the mood.


Oh yeah, and the best bit and one of my favourite parts of the day … we had bought ridiculous amounts of snacks so we could pig out. A great decision from us, especially as we’d worked our appetite up so much from the carving. (Yes I considered it a tough workout) We had crisps, dips, mozzarella dippers, sausage rolls, sweets, basically just the greatest movie feast ever!

Although Halloween as a holiday doesn’t mean too much to me, I had so much fun getting into the spirit and doing something different. I would highly recommend going to a pumpkin patch, but I will pre warn: you will leave with too many pumpkins and possibly suffer some intense pumpkin carving injuries. (Wrist strain and hand bruises – yes it happens.)

Next up … Bonfire night! I am so ready.

Esther xo




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