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Brunching in Brixton

November 5, 2017

Weekends are made for spontaneous decisions and last minute plans.

This weekend in particular has been pretty busy, and a lot of the time that’s how I like it. I feel like having only two days off from work a week means you have to make the most of it. Although sometimes making the most of it is two sweet days full of snacks, movies, and a duvet on the sofa.

On Saturday we hopped on the train to Brixton to meet up with some family for brunch. I love heading into London at the weekend, especially as it’s such a short train journey from Cambridge.

My Auntie recommended a new restaurant we could try, Canova Hall. I checked out the menu before we went (obviously) and as soon as I saw there was an option for a bottomless brunch – I was sold.

The restaurant is in an old department store, the windows are huge which means there’s a lot of natural light inside. (Great for those Insta snaps) There’s a really busy, bustling feel when you come inside. They really have filled every corner with a seating space, and you can tell why when you see how busy it gets.

The decor is kind of shabby/ vintage. The ceiling is just left in it’s untouched state and they’ve placed unique glass bottles of flavoured water around on tables.

Through the week they attract London workers offering free WIFI and bottomless coffee. It seems like a pretty great deal and I reckon quite an inspiring atmosphere to work in.

The deal:

I’ve always thought it must be great to get out and work in an alternative workspace every now and then. Especially if you work at home, it can really help to have a change of scenery.  And you never know, you may meet some interesting people!

At first I was thinking of going for pancakes or avo on toast, but when I saw and smelt the firing pizza oven, I was persuaded otherwise. I decided on the London Field pizza: Chef’s meatballs, coppa, taleggio, gremolata and oregano … YUM.


I am pleased to tell you it was the right decision. The base was so thin, but in the amazing properly Italian way. The crusts were soft, and the cheese was melted perfectly.

It had a few burnt spots dotted around, but I feel like that just adds to the authenticity, and you know it’s been cooked in a proper pizza oven.


Accompanied by sides of buttermilk chicken, triple cooked chips, and a glass or two of Prosecco, it’s fair to say between us we tried a substantial range of things from the menu. Enough anyway for us all to leave feeling like we’d put on ten stone … a great way to leave a restaurant I believe.


Oh yeah, one other thing I have to mention was this incredible brunch sandwich, simply called the Big Bacon Sandwich. It’s layered with bacon, fried eggs, roast mushrooms, tomatoes and comes with triple cooked chips and ‘nduja ketchup.


I had to try a bite and yes, it was as incredible as it sounds. So indulgent.

I mean, it’s questionable whether it’s really a brunch item, but let’s be honest, the rules about breakfast are made to be bent. Who can resist a cold piece of leftover pizza in the morning? Not me!

Food and family is a winning combination, it was lovely to head into London and really make the most of our day.

I hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend too. (Hopefully with some sort of three layered sandwich or cold pizza)

Esther xo



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