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Why I love Autumn

November 9, 2017

Our living room window looks out onto a park, and a couple of mornings ago I opened the curtains and saw the grass covered in frost.

I’m one of those people who is constantly cold. I’ll wear six layers, have my hot water bottle and a blanket and still be shivering. But I love winter, and Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. (I can already hear jingle bells)

Anyway, seeing the gorgeous frost covered grass got me thinking about how the seasons make us feel, and recently, i’ve realised just how much I appreciate autumn.

Screenshot 2017-11-08 22.31.26

If i’m honest, Autumn is basically the start of my Christmas countdown, and you know what, i’m ok with that!

I think that having something to look forward to is the best type of motivation.

A holiday, a catch up with friends, a TV show, whatever it is – it’s great to look forward.

But as the years have gone on i’ve started to appreciate autumn for it’s other glorious parts, not just the fact it takes us closer to Christmas.

It’s those gorgeous fresh mornings, when you step outside and it almost feels like the air is clearing your head.

Or the stunning mix of colours you see. The browns, oranges, reds, all combined in a beautiful autumnal scene.

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The way the sun shines low in the afternoon, and glistens through the trees.

That first cold weekend where you do nothing but snuggle under a duvet with a hot chocolate and a winter movie.

The afternoon after the clocks have changed and you suddenly realise, OMG it’s dark and I’m still at work?! I must be so late? Oh wait, it’s only half four …

Which admittedly can sometimes feel a little depressing, but also kind of cosy?

It’s the anticipation of the coming months, of¬†December drawing closer and little hints of festive spirit starting to appear.

Or on Bonfire night, when everyone heads out into the frosty evening wrapped up warm, huddling round the bonfire.

I know that the winter months can leave us feeling a little low, maybe it’s the change in temperature, or the fact we see less daylight. But something that really lifts my spirits is getting layered up on a Sunday, grabbing a flask full of hot tea, and heading out for a long walk. I just take the time to look around, and feel amazed by the beauty of the seasons and nature.

Sometimes when you feel down in winter, the only thing you want to do is stay wrapped up in a duvet and binge watch Friends (that sounds amazing right now) but actually feeling the fresh air, getting out and getting active can do so much good. And often, this is just the pick me up I need.

The perfect end to a long Sunday walk is a roast dinner, and if you’re anything like me, food makes everything better. Just FYI.


And when autumn comes to and end and December starts, its time to really start the countdown.

I am SO ready.

Esther xo



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