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Jamie Oliver’s five ingredient bible: my favourite recipes

November 12, 2017

If you know me, or you follow me on any form of social media, you’ll already know how much I love food. It is literally my life.

I think about what to have for dinner when i’m eating breakfast, or even the night before. When i’m eating a snack, I’m already thinking about what my next snack could be.

I admit to being one of those people who takes photos of their food at every opportunity,  if I see a perfect poached egg or a lovely looking cake, I just can’t resist.

Finding new recipes to try excites me, but there’s nothing more annoying than finding a fab recipe and then reading down the page long list of ingredients thinking, well I haven’t got that, or that, the corner shop won’t have that, what actually is that?! And it goes on. And you just end up giving up.

This was a regular occurrence for me UNTIL … Jamie Oliver’s five ingredient recipe book was brought into my life.

Photo 11-11-2017, 16 38 39

My best friend (a fellow foodie) had raved about it and told me I HAD to get it, and coincidentally my lovely mum bought it for us as a house warming gift.

What can I say? Guys, this book is a life changer. If you’re into cooking but don’t want the faff of having to buy too much stuff, you need to get it.

The recipes are delicious, really easy and quick to make and what I love is often the ingredients cross over. So you can plan your meals for the week and not need a huge shopping list.

HORAY for money saving!

I’ve tried a lot of these recipes now, but I wanted to share some of my favourites.

Egg & Mango Chutney Flatbreads

This recipe is a revelation. Who knew the combination of mango chutney and egg could be so dreamy?!

Photo 11-11-2017, 14 17 36

This recipe is perfect for a brunch. The combination of flavours are amazing and although it might sound complicated, it’s actually one of the easiest recipes.

I had no idea a flatbread could be so simple to make, but all you need is self raising flour, natural yoghurt, and a bit of olive oil. Just mix into a dough, fry on each side and voila, you have a flatbread!

The thing is, this bread would go with anything, it’s just a great base.

When I tried this recipe the eggs where pretty soft which was delicious, however I did have a minor breakdown in the kitchen when I was trying to peel them, so next time maybe i’d add on another 30 seconds to what Jamie suggests.

Chocolate Orange Shortbread

I love baking, but often I don’t do it because i’m trying to be healthy and I know i’ll just eat the entirety of what I bake. Or even the mixture.

Chocolate and orange is just such a heavenly combination, so I was hugely excited to find I could make chocolate orange shortbread with only five ingredients.

I’ve never made shortbread before, and always assumed it was one of those really complicated things to make, or that it would never go right.

But yet again, Jamie pulled it out of the bag.

Photo 11-11-2017, 14 18 01

What’s great about this recipe is that all the ingredients go in one bowl, then you simply rub them together and spread it into the tin.

I feel like this is one of those bakes that looks like it might have taken a long time but is actually really easy. The shortbread looks really pretty with the chocolate drizzled over and what’s nice is that although the orange flavour isn’t massively strong, it’s enough to make it a little more special than your standard shortbread.

Perfect for a last minute bake sale or coffee morning. Or if you’re like me, just a cosy Saturday at home.

Easy Sausage Carbonara

Who could eat pasta every night of the week and not ever get bored? This girl. I just love it.

It’s so versatile. I’ll have it if i’m trying to be healthy, or i’ll have it when I want a huge comfort meal. It’s all down to the sauce and what you have with it, and this Easy Sausage Carbonara is everything it says in the name.

I’d say it’s definitely a comfort meal, but for those times you’re not quite ready for a takeaway, you just want something naughty and home cooked.

Photo 11-11-2017, 16 40 19

The first time I actually tasted this Carbonara was when my mum had cooked it, and oh wow it was delicious. It’s cheesy and creamy and the sausages are just like meatballs, just a lot easier to make.


On my first attempt trying this recipe I rolled the sausage balls in pepper like Jamie suggests, but actually I found this left the meal tasting too peppery, so i’ve started just sprinkling pepper on them before they’re fried.

This is a brilliant mid-week recipe, but add a bit of garlic bread, a salad and a glass of wine and you’ll have yourself a lovely weekend treat.

I’ve made one recipe in the book that I didn’t like so much, it was the Sausage and Apple Bake. It’s a mix of parsnips, red onions, apples and sausages baked to make what should be a lovely winter warmer. But actually it turned out pretty dry.

I love the idea of peeling the parsnips to create a sort of frittata, but this really would work better with a sauce. Or maybe it just needs to be something on the side of a stew. Who knows.

Anyway, I can forgive Jamie for this as the rest of the book is genius.

I can’t wait to try more of the recipes, maybe i’ll have a new list of favourites in a few months?

I’ll keep you updated.

Esther xo

(Seriously – if you haven’t already, go and buy this book.)





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    Ahh these look so good!! Love the idea of 5 ingredient recipes as you don’t have to shop for lots of ingredients that you might not use up! I’m starting to plan my meals and this is so helpful, thank you!
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