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My top autumnal fashion picks: and why I can’t live without stripes

November 16, 2017

Summer in the UK is weird.

There’ll be one random sweltering day you finally get to wear your new denim shorts, which potentially you bought a couple of years ago. Maybe even catch a bit of colour? Probably not.

Fast forward to the next day (or even the next hour) and boom, it’s freezing cold and raining. Typical UK style.

One thing I really look forward to when ‘summer’ is over is getting my autumn wardrobe ready. Realistically, you know once October hits, it is going to be cold. But for me this is great news, I don’t have to constantly be prepared for 7 weather types. I know I need to wrap up and ALWAYS take a brolly.

It’s also a great excuse for a shopping trip, because i’ll have worn my winter wardrobe for at least 8 months of the previous year, so really it’s time for a refresh.

Photo 14-11-2017, 23 05 18

I picked up this grey jumper from New Look, it is ridiculously soft and I love the autumnal pattern. At £22.99 I thought this was an absolute bargain, it honestly feels really good quality.

I wouldn’t usually go for something adventurous like this with such big sleeves but I love it. Jumpers can be really difficult sometimes, and often I find them unflattering.

Like when you see a cosy looking oversized knitted jumper, try it on to realise it’s not actually oversized at all. It sort of hangs in that awkward balance of not being a figure hugger, but is also not far enough away from your body to be lose.

But I like the shape of this. It’s cropped, and the detail of the sleeves is a nice change.

I’ve been wearing this jumper a lot to keep warm, but what I love is that it’s so easy to dress up. Accessorise and put with a pair of heeled boots, or wear over a white shirt and you’re good to go for evening dinner plans.

Plus how lovely is the floral pattern?

Photo 21-10-2017, 19 20 34

Now let’s talk about stripes. Anyone else find it ridiculously hard to pick up anything else from the rack other than stripes?

My eye is just automatically drawn to them.

Yes I may already own 364,758 striped tops in varying sleeve lengths and colours, but it seems my brain is still telling me I need more. And I’m not arguing.

I’m not sure why, but most stripy items I buy seem to feel really soft, and that’s why I find them so comfy to wear. Like this little striped tee I spotted in H&M recently.

Photo 21-10-2017, 19 05 36

Usually when i’m shopping I do try not to buy too many stripes (simply because I have SO many) but my justification with this was that it has some extra detail, and that’s good enough i’d say!

The heart is lined with little white beads, you can see a close up on the website.

Plus it’s always good to spread a bit of love.

It also comes in a couple of other styles, which I may have to get, especially considering they are only £8.99!!


I’ve been thinking lately about motivation, and I mentioned in my recent blog post how having little perks and things to look forward to is sometimes just what you need. Especially once the winter months start rolling in.

So although I didn’t buy a lot, I was really pleased to have found a couple of things I looked forward to wearing.

Probably one of my favourite things about autumnal fashion – the fact you can hide everything under a big coat or scarf.

Happy shopping!

Esther xo





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  1. Ashton _P says:

    Gosh i adore these tops

  2. oh i am in love with the embroidery! <3 you look great!

    Pls check out my outfit too! thank you! <3

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