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A secret Santa gift guide for guys

November 21, 2017

I don’t know how else to start this post other than to talk about how difficult it is to buy presents for guys.

I’ve typed and deleted about 10 opening sentences and what I keep coming back to is the fact that unfortunately, unless you know a guy pretty well, it can be near impossible to come up with a smashing Christmas gift.

And the thing is with secret Santa, it’s quite likely that you might not know the person you’re buying for very well.

I wrote my secret Santa gift guide for girls, and the internet was absolutely FILLED with gorgeous, and nicely generic gift options.

It was so easy. Actually it was almost difficult, difficult to decide which were my favourites as there are so many great ideas.

But considering I’m involved in two secret Santas this year, and at least one of the names I picked out is a guy, I thought i’d better do a guide for guys. (no spoilers here, in case anyone is reading this!) And i’m hoping it’s going to inspire me … i’m very aware December is NEXT WEEK.


Here’s a collection of gift ideas i’ve found whilst trawling the internet, which I don’t think are completely naff.

Top 3 under £5

Christmas socks. Some may say terrible and tacky, but I personally think they’re great. More subtle than a light up, music playing Christmas jumper, but still festive.

Yes, socks may be a very safe option and there is a high chance they won’t be worn and may be passed on as a gift themselves, but surely that’s a risk with any secret Santa present? What’s great about these socks, is that they’re festive, but don’t quite scream it’s Christmas, maybe just whisper it.

I have to say the Christmas options on ASOS for under £5 was limited, but I think these are pretty sweet.


Although there may be a number of things you don’t know about the guy you’re buying for, one thing you should be able to tell, is whether he has a beard. Beards are all over the place at the moment, so if you’re buying for a bushy bearded boy, it might be nice to treat him to some beard oil.

How many times can you say beard in one paragraph?

After all, everyone deserves some pamper time, especially at Christmas! The RRP price for this Bulldog Beard Oil is £5.50 but i’ve found it on Amazon for £3.50. YAY SAVING.


Like I mentioned in my gift guide for girls, work days are not complete without at least 5 cups of tea or coffee. Whittard have some really lovely coffee themed gifts, and I love this green and white espresso cup and saucer.

It’s hand painted and it’s only £4, a really neat little Christmas gift. Plus, whats better than giving someone the gift of caffeine in the morning?!


Screenshot 2017-11-20 20.37.42

Top 3 under £15

Not on the high street  is a great place to go for inspiration. They have so many weird and wonderful gift ideas, and often I find that even if I don’t actually buy anything, I get the ideas I need.

It’s fun to give someone a little project, so I think these grow your own gifts are great. If you work in an office, it’s fun to add your own touches to your work space. This Chilli grow jar could really brighten someones desk up, if they manage to keep it alive!

You can also personalise it, which is a sweet touch.


Knowing what someone likes to drink is always good when it comes to Christmas presents. If all else fails and you just don’t have a clue, you know they’re likely to appreciate a drink, especially over the festive period.

This beer set from Honest Brew is a set of three cans. All different types of beer, just a little more special than your usual supermarket choice. This set is even called the Secret Santa Howler, so you know you’re on the right lines!


A proper good quality pen is something I feel most people wouldn’t buy for themselves. I mean let’s be honest, at least 70% of your pen collection has been ‘borrowed’ from your friend.

But for that reason, I think it’s a really lovely gift idea. And if you are buying for a work friend, you know they’re going to use it. The great thing about these Parker pens as well is they come in a fancy box, so stick a bow on it and that’s your present ready to deliver, super easy!

This one is in the sale reduced massively, It’s half price which is amazing and one pence under budget. HOORAY!


All of the items included in this guide are linked at the bottom of the page, and i’ve used the photos off the product websites, just so you know.

I hope this guide has given you a glimpse of hope, there are options out there!

Happy shopping.

Esther xo

  1. SSDD Christmas Snowman Socks 
  2. Bulldog Original Beard Oil, 30 ml
  3. Green Stripe Espresso Cup and Saucer
  4. Personalised ‘Don’t Kill Me’ Chilli Grow Jars
  5. Secret Santa Howler
  6. Parker Urban Navy Chrome Trim Fountain Pen

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