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Review: Gousto Recipe Boxes

November 23, 2017

Wouldn’t we all love to know the secret to working full time, being social, getting enough sleep, fitting some exercise in AND eating healthily?

I love cooking, I love eating, I love everything about food, and as much as possible I try to eat home cooked meals.

But the thing is, often I find I get home from work and get changed, sit down for five minutes and then suddenly it’s like 8pm. If you’re not super super prepared it can be so difficult to find the time to decide on a tasty recipe, buy the ingredients, and cook it all.

So imagine the excited squeak I let out when I discovered I could get everything I needed for my meals delivered to my door. Yep thats right, I could spend a week in my pjs and still be able to cook homemade meals with fresh ingredients.

I mean not quite ‘coz I do actually have a full time job in an office but you get the point.

Anyway, now i’ve tried a couple of Gousto boxes, I thought i’d share my experience, just in case you were wondering about giving it a go.

How does Gousto work?

So the way it works is you have an online account and each week there’s a list of about 20 recipes to choose from. You can do it for four people or two, I did it for two, and you just decide on four recipes you’d like for the week.

The range of recipes is great.

There’s fish options, meat options and plenty of veg. They tell you exactly what’s in the recipe, how much you get, the nutritional facts etc. So it’s easy to choose lower calorie meals if that’s what you’re into.

If not, you could just chose which one you think looks yummiest, the photos make all the dishes look so delicious.

What I think is nice is that the recipe choices are things I wouldn’t necessarily think of to cook. The combinations are imaginative and because the recipes are already set out for you, there’s no difficult decisions. Do you want rice or pasta with that meal? or how are you going to cook the chicken? It’s all already decided.

I’m probably one of the most annoyingly indecisive people, especially when hungry so this works very well for me.

I can confirm hanger is a real thing …


These are the recipe cards. They’re really clear and easy to follow and even if you don’t carry on with your subscription, you have these cards to keep if you ever want to make the recipe again. It has all the ingredients on and every step you need to follow.

A very easy step by step guide, which is sometimes just what you need after a long day.

How does it arrive?

Your Gousto box arrives with literally everything you need in it. Your veg, meat sauces, spices. It’s all there.

One thing I will say that I found a bit of a pain was the fact all ingredients for four meals were mixed into one box which does take time to organise. Obviously in comparison to going shopping to buy everything it’s still easier but it’s just a point I thought of. Maybe they could split the box into four? I’m not sure.

I guess one of the reasons they don’t split it into recipes is because it comes separated into meat/fish, veg, and then all your spices and sauces in little pots or a brown paper bag.

Which is still very nice and organised.

The ingredients are a very good quality, and always fresh which I was relieved about. I was wondering how a box full of fresh produce could stay fresh on the journey, but they pack most of it in some recyclable wool along with ice packs for you to keep.

The only downside to this is that the poor little herbs occasionally got squashed by the big potatoes and onions.

Overall, the delivery process was great. It was always on time and nothing was ever forgotten.

Now i’ve tried eight different Gousto meals, I want to share my top and least favourites, so keep an eye out for my next blog where you can see everything I made and how it turned out.

I suppose let’s call this part one of my Gousto guide, I hope it helps!

Esther xo



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