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Gousto Boxes: 8 recipes I’ve tried and tested

November 26, 2017

Gousto Boxes.

If you haven’t read my previous post, it’s a food subscription service where you chose four recipes from a list of about 20, and get all the ingredients delivered right to your door.


I recently embarked on this exciting food filled journey, and now i’ve come to the end and trialled 8 of their recipes, I wanted to let you know which ones I tried, and how I found it.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed all the recipes I tried, but for the purpose of my review i’ve put my favourites down at the bottom… so here we go!

8.Easy One-Pot Vegetable Biryani


So I chose this recipe for two reasons. I like to try and eat at least one meat free meal a week and I like the sound of one pot. If there’s anything i’ve realised about cooking Gousto recipes, it’s that your kitchen often ends up looking like you’ve made a meal for 10, so I thought one pot sounded dreamy.

This was a pretty yummy dish, the curry flavour was lovely, but I found that the cauliflower didn’t cook well enough and everything burnt to the bottom of the pan because there wasn’t much sauce.

Of course this may be down to my cooking, but I think it might have been a bit too dry to cook.

7.Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, Mash & Greens

IMG_5078The best thing about this recipe was the Pork. It was a gorgeous, soft piece of pork wrapped in smokey bacon. An amazing combination.

However, as you can probably tell from the photo, it was a little underwhelming. Now this may partly be down to the fact I burnt the creamy sauce which is supposed to go with it (I promise I can actually cook without burning things) but even if it had a sauce, the only thing I was excited about was the pork. The spring greens needed another flavour to go with them, they’d be better in a stir fry or sauce.

6.Double Chipotle Burger

IMG_4680I know you’re probably looking at the name of this one and thinking why on earth is it only at number six?! And yes it was one of the harder ones to place, but let me explain. The burger was incredible. Really good quality meat, the brioche bun was beautiful and soft and it was a nice change from mayo/ ketchup to chipotle sauce.

But for me, a meal is all about the individual components working well together, and I actually didn’t enjoy the homemade chips or salad. If I’m honest I could have probably enjoyed the burger by itself it was so delicious, I just found the chips a little tasteless and the salad was just lettuce and a bit of sauce. I prefer a big juicy salad with cucumber, tomato, raddish, maybe a bit of avo … you get the idea.

5.Bacon & Courgette One-Pot Pasta

There it is again, that beautiful phrase: ONE-POT. I’m not a huge fan of bacon, I would never eat it in a sandwich, but in a pasta recipe I absolutely love it, and this was no exception. IMG_4696

This recipe was creamy, flavourful and filling. There were quite a lot of ingredients but they all complimented each other so well.

At 672 I thought it was pretty high cal for a pasta dish but actually it was so filling I could have had half the next day for lunch.

Obviously I ate it all but ya know, the thought was there.


4.Coq Au Vin With Mustard Mash

OH MY. This was such a delicious dish. I’m just looking at it again now remembering how glorious it was.IMG_4679

I have to thank Gousto, I would never usually cook something as adventurous as this. But i’m so glad I did. It’s made with chicken thighs and bacon, and the flavour was just unreal.

We cooked this after a long, cold Monday and it was the perfect winter warmer. The sauce is filled with flavour and the mash just soaks it all up. The thigh meat was tender and it was just OMG so good. Absolutely would make this again.

3.Creamy Haddock Linguini With Tomatoes & Chilli

I knew i’d love this dish. One of my favourite meals is creamy tomato prawn linguini, and this is a pretty similar recipe. IMG_4672

The haddock was very fresh, and although it wasn’t massively strong in flavour, it fitted perfectly with the tomato sauce.

This was a really nice recipe and really easy to cook, which I was relieved about as i’ve not got masses of experience cooking fish. Unless fish finger sandwiches count in which case I’d like to think I’m an expert.


2.Annabel’s Tasty Chicken & Basil Pasta

The feeling of tucking into a big, cheesy bowl of pasta after a long day. There’s just nothing better. I don’t know who Annabel is, but I’m so glad she created this recipe. When I saw this choice on the website I wasn’t sure, the sauce looked a bit thin, almost soupy, but actually it worked so well.IMG_5076

It was just really lovely and saucy, and what’s nice is it’s actually a pretty easy sauce if you ever wanted to recreate it.

The sauce: Basil, garlic, tomato, chicken stock, balsamic vinegar, and Italian cheese.




1.Pulled Hoisin Chicken & Sesame Noodles

IMG_5075There was absolutely no doubt in my mind, this was 100% my favourite recipe.

I’ve never made pulled chicken because I always thought there must be some special technique but little did I know, the special technique is just cooking it in a bit of liquid and then pulling it apart with forks. So easy!

The sauce was so sticky and sweet, and combined with the chilli, sesame seeds spring onion it was just a flavour E X P L O S I O N. The spring greens made another appearance in this recipe, but this time I enjoyed them much more. I think they just work better mixed in with other things as they don’t have much flavour.

This felt like a really special recipe which should have been difficult to make, but with Gousto they make the steps so easy to follow.

(I know that sentence sounded like an advert but honestly if there’s one thing I’d say is good about Gousto is how easy the recipes are to follow.)

So there you have it, my pick of Gousto recipes. What a journey.

Trialling the subscription has been great, we’ve had a really busy few weeks and it’s been so nice not having to do a proper weekly shop. Being able to cook and eat properly with everything you need already sorted for you really is a luxury.

I like the fact you experience a range of recipes, and often it’s things you would never usually make. Plus you get to keep the recipe cards, so even if you don’t carry on the subscription you can always make the recipes again.

For now, i’ll be going back to my trusty Jamie Oliver cook book, just so I can save the pennies for Christmas, but it’s nice to know Gousto is always there as an option.

If you’re thinking about giving it a go and have any questions, just let me know!

Esther xo


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