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Restaurant review: My first trip to Byron Burger

December 19, 2017


I like them, they’re not the first thing i’d go for on a menu (i’m a pasta girl through and through) but when I have a really good one, I really, seriously enjoy it.

We’re so lucky in Cambridge, whatever food you’re craving you can just about get. Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Tex Mex, the list just goes on. And along with this delicious list there comes Burger restaurants. Because sometimes, you just can’t beat a big fat burger.

I have to say I haven’t been to many JUST burger restaurants, but I’ve noticed lately everyone is really obsessing over them, so I thought it was about time I did.

And where better to start than the almighty Byron Burger?

I’ve heard so much about this place, and only ever great things, so I’ve been very excited to try it.

There’s a little group of us from my previous work place who like to get together, catch up and eat food. They’re all big foodies like me so we always pick tasty places to eat, and for Christmas the unanimous decision was Byron Burger.

A very easy decision for the people who’ve already tried it and I was more than happy to trust the raving reviews.

As you may already know, I’m very indecisive when it comes to food choices.

The thing is, let’s say I eat three meals a day, maybe four on the occasion. If I make the wrong decision for one of them and I don’t like what I eat, thats a whole third of my daily food wasted… and I just do not like that thought.

So when I go out to eat, I’m always the last to decide.

Usually if I’m ordering a burger I’ll go for chicken. I think chicken burgers always come with really good toppings, like at Byron one of my shortlisted choices was the Clucky.


But … on a last minute decision I thought considering we’re at a proper hamburger restaurant, I should try a beef burger. So my decision was The Cheese. And what a name!

I absolutely made the right decision. The bun was so soft and flavourful. It held everything together well, so there was no burger breakage. Obviously I ended up with sauce dripping all over my hands but in my eyes, that’s the sign of a good burger!


The burgers are presented very simply, no fuss. Just a burger with a pickle on the side. It may look small, but you will not leave Byron feeling hungry.

They cook the burgers medium rare, the meat is beautifully soft and tastes unbelievably good. The combination of cheese, sauce and pickles complimented the beef so well.

Cliche but it honestly was a taste sensation. I did not want it to end.

Obviously we ordered sides, a mix of fries and cheese fries which were both deliciously greasy and crispy. A perfect dipping device.


They have a really good selection of things on the menu, I left the restaurant feeling like I can’t wait to go back and try more of the burgers.

I also like that you can see the chefs and see where everything is being prepared. Because I’m nosy like that.

We had such a festive, fabulous time. Food and company both wonderful and I already want to go back.

If you’ve been to any other burger places in Cambridge, let me know! I might make it my 2018 mission to rate them all. Oh what a difficult challenge I give myself …

Esther xo


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