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Baked eggs in peppers: A luxurious breakfast recipe

December 30, 2017

Weekends are made for leisurely breakfasts and chatty brunches.

I really look forward to my breakfasts at the weekend, which is obviously no surprise as my life revolves around food…

My usual choice is poached egg on toast. Simple but OH so delicious. I’ve been on a poached egg journey over the years, like i’m sure so many others have. But I think i’ve finally found a technique I’m happy with.

Of course I still want to know how restaurants get them so god damn neat and round, but luckily the eggs in this recipe don’t need poaching, so I’m off the hook until I discover the real secret.

Occasionally I like to mix it up at the weekends, i’ll still have eggs because eggs are just amazing, but there are a few recipes I use if I want to do a bit more.

One of these recipes my boyfriend Chris introduced me to. It’s basically scrambled egg on toast with Lea and Perinns sauce and cheese. Seriously, don’t knock it until you try it, it is I N C R E D I B L E. I will forever be grateful to Chris for bringing this breakfast sensation to my life.

Anyway, the recipe I want to introduce you to here is something I like to rustle up when i’ve woken up and feel like I haven’t eaten in months, and it’s really filling.

What you’ll need


Cut your pepper so you have hollow pieces, thick enough so an egg can sit in the middle of the hole. Put some veg oil in a pan, and heat it up. Place the hollowed pepper pieces in the pan and fry on each side for a couple of minutes. When they’ve started to soften up a little, crack your eggs into the hole of the pepper. Once the egg has started to fry a little, and is cooked on the bottom, transfer your pan into the grill and cook the top of the egg. To test whether it’s done, just gently press a knife on the white of the egg and see how wobbly it is. (It kinda depends how runny you like your egg, but just make sure it’s cooked!) Meanwhile, toast your bread product and butter. Once the egg is cooked, grab a spatula and place the pepper egg on your toast. Voila! You have breakfast.


You can basically add anything you want with this recipe, I recently had it with avocado which was delicious, the textures were just so good.

Add sausage or bacon for something a little meatier, or even smoked salmon if you’re feeing v fancy.

I love this breakfast, it’s filling, tastes amazing, and I like adding veg when I’m feeling the need to detox. Hello Jan. It makes me feel i’m really starting my day right.

Let me know if you try it!

Esther xo


4 responses to “Baked eggs in peppers: A luxurious breakfast recipe”

  1. chloeluye says:

    I love egg peppers! I tried this before but cooked them in the oven instead of in a pan first and it didn’t always work out too great as it was hard to tell when they were properly cooked. Will definitely have to try this way. I’ve never thought about having them for breakfast but they look so tasty, and healthy! Loving your photos! X

  2. […] My biggest tip for getting back to a healthy meal routine is do not – I repeat – do not, skip breakfast. Having breakfast will do so many things to help you stay on track; get your energy levels up for the day, keep you going until lunch, and help you make healthier choices throughout the day. I can’t emphasis enough how much this helps. My usual week day breakfasts are porridge with blueberries, granola with natural yoghurt and fruit, or overnight oats. At the weekends i’ll usually have eggs, either poached with mushrooms and toast, or occasionally something bigger like eggs baked in peppers. […]

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