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Ways to help with stress when you can’t afford a spa day

January 2, 2018

Recently my best friend and I went for a Twighlight Spa evening at Centre Parks in Thetford Forrest.

I booked a half day at work and shut my laptop down at 1pm. Such a satisfying feeling, especially on a Friday. We met at my flat, caught up, and painted our nails. Because can you actually go to a spa without pretending you’re on an episode of Sex and the City? No, of course not.


We spent four hours exploring the Aqua Sana facilities. We sat and chatted in steam rooms, dozed off in the meditation room, pampered our feet in the reflexology foot-baths and lay outside in the freezing cold on water beds.

It was honestly minus degrees outside but there’s something so cosy about wrapping up in blankets and looking out into the night sky.

I cannot remember the last time I felt so relaxed.

I’d had a bit of a long week at work, and it got me thinking about what we can do to help stress. We all experience stress, no matter how big or small our problems are, it’s an unfortunate part of life.

Also just FYI – it’s not for anyone else to judge. If you’re stressed, you’re stressed, and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s so easy for us to get caught in the comparison trap and say things like, oh well I shouldn’t be stressed because look how much they’ve got on, or how big their problems are.

But everyones stress is important and worth taking time to work through.

Of course we can’t always just book a spa day every time we feel stressed because we’d all be very poor and prune like, but there are some other little things we can do to switch off. To give our minds and bodies a little break.

I feel a bit strange writing this post, because I don’t think I’m in any special position to give advice on stress. But what I do know is what helps me, and like I often say that might help someone else too.

Here are a few things I like to try, if ever I come close to a mental breakdown. Ok that’s a bit dramatic, maybe just if I’ve had a hard day or week.

Switch off

The spa was an electronics free zone, so the sadness of my Instagram feed we left our phones in our lockers. Admittedly this was hard for me, but it is so refreshing to have a break from Social Media and to be un-contactable.

I often feel a weird self inflicted pressure to upload to Insta or Snapchat or wherever it is, and obviously that’s because it’s what I’m passionate about. But actually having that pressure lifted was so nice, although I was still thinking about the perfect Instagram shot of the steam rising off the pool, or our toes in the baths, there was nothing I could do about it.

Properly talk

How often do we get the chance to properly talk? Without phones, other people, or distractions. The spa provided the perfect opportunity for a full blown, gals catch up. When I’m stressed, often the last thing I wanna do is talk about what I’m stressed about. But what really does help, is just talking about anything and everything.


I’m pretty sure walking is the only advice I give for pretty much everything. Well, apart from if you’re flu ridden or have a broken ankle.. I walk all the time, on my lunch break, after work, in town. Whenever I can I find the time to walk and it gives me the chance to get my thoughts straight.

Plug in my music and just clear my head. It really can help.

Get creative

I like to get stuck into something creative when I’m stressed. If i’ve struggled with something in the day, it can be a bit of a confidence knock, but doing a cute photo session or writing a few solid blog posts reminds me of my passion and makes me realise, I can do it. I’m not crap at everything, even when excel is driving me to insanity.

Getting creative helps me to organise my thoughts, and often inspires me if I’m in a bit of a rut in other areas.


I didn’t realise how much I needed to take some time to chill, switch off, and feel a little bit pampered. During the hustle and bustle of the start of a new year, don’t let stress take over, take some time to look after yourself.

Even if it’s just painting your nails, because strangely that honestly does give me a sense of feeling like I have everything together!

Esther xo





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  1. chloeluye says:

    I think taking a break from social media and just switching off all devices is such a good idea. We used them so much and this can just make us feel even more stressed. Taking a break from electronics gives us more headspace to think more clearly as we’re not distracted by constant messages or notifications. Loved reading this and your advice, will be trying these tips when I’m feeling a little stressed! X

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