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Honest Burger: An honest review

January 5, 2018

So if you’ve read my recent post about Byron Burger, you’ll know I kinda set myself the *really* difficult challenge to test out all the burger restaurants in Cambridge.

Oh woe is me.

Honest Burger is pretty new in Cambridge, well I guess about a year or so maybe now. But pretty new.

Without even knowing i’d set myself this challenge, Chris (my boyfriend) and a friend suggested we go there for a catch up recently. And I was of course well up for it. (for blogging purposes but also because yay food)

One thing I want to say about Honest Burger before anything else is how lovely the staff are. This is the second time i’ve been and the second time we’ve had friendly, helpful, and really happy staff. It honestly makes such a difference.

The menu isn’t huge, which suits me well because as you probably know, I’m annoyingly indecisive when it comes to food choices.


Like i’ve said before, i’d usually always go for the chicken option on a menu, but ever since I had The Cheese at Byron Burger, I want to try more of the beef options.

So I decided on the Tribute. I love how all these places give the burgers such extravagant names. It makes me feel like I’m going on some sort of expedition or achieving something huge in life. Which actually, eating one of these burgers is.


Beef, bacon, American cheese, burger sauce, French’s mustard, pickles, onion and lettuce with rosemary salted chips.

For me, a burger without cheese is just not a burger at all. Cheese makes it 110% better, like many other things as well. So I thought this was a pretty good choice for me.

We ordered some sides as well, onion rings, bacon gravy, bacon ketchup, and chipotle mayo. Incredible choices if I do say so.


Oh my the bacon gravy is amazing. I don’t really know how to describe it, and I don’t really know why it’s bacon gravy, but what I do know is it’s the perfect thing to dip the rosary salted chips into. SO GOOD.

A couple of our onion rings were a little doughy, but I think that’s down to the fact they’re so huge. More like an onion bracelet.

The burger is also HUGE.

It comes in a soft brioche bun with a very generous side of chips. Which FYI taste so good. They’re kind of a mix between fish and chip shop chips, and crispy fries. YUM.

I had to cut the burger in half because I wasn’t sure i’d be able to pick up. The taste of the burger was amazing, I think the burger sauce was my favourite addition, and combined with the cheese, pickles and meat it was just full of flavour.

I’d give this burger a 10/10 for taste, the only way I would have liked it more would have been if it was a little less greasy. I know it’s a burger and what’s a burger without a good amount of grease, but I could have done with a little less juice.

I think the price at Honest is really reasonable, all in all with sides and drinks I think we each payed about £15. Which yeah actually now I think about it is really good. Also the chips are included with the price of the burger so there’s no extra expense for being a chubba like me.

So there we have it, my honest review of Honest Burger.

Now to decide where’s next on my burger expedition … let me know if you have any recommendations!

Esther xo


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  1. Mollie says:

    You have to try steak & honour! They are ledgenary in Cambridge and the only burgers myself and my boyfriend will eat now. Their restaurant is really cool also, but you can also get them from their food truck. They usually tweet out where they are!

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