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6 food bloggers you need to be following on Instagram

January 18, 2018

If you know me, follow me on any social channels, or have even read my about page, you’ll know i’m a pretty big foodie.

It’s my favourite thing to write about, it comes so naturally to me and I guess that’s down to the fact I bloody love everything about it. Eating it, taking photos of it, cooking it, even just looking at it. I also have a kind of weird obsession with asking people what they’re having for lunch and dinner, and i’ll probably ask what they’ve had for breakfast.

One of my favourite things to post photos of on Instagram is food, whether i’ve been out for a cute looking coffee (more likely a hot chocolate, I just use my boyfriends to look fancy in the pic), or i’ve been out for a big meal, the first thing I want to do is take a photo. Yes, I am one of those people.

And you know that insane jealousy and craving you get when you see some perfectly cheesy, gooey mac’n cheese? I’m the queen of that feeling. I kill myself spending far too long scrolling through Instagram looking at cookie filled feeds or watching videos of sushi making.

That’s why I wanted to write this post. On my search for the perfect poached egg and avocado on toast, i’ve come across some pretty awesome food bloggers.



This account is a recent find of mine, and if you’re an avocado fan like 99% of the Instagram world, you need to follow her. Elizabeth keeps her vibes super positive, and since she’s in the US I often wake up to see one of her gorgeous posts. Whether it’s a food photo or something to do with exercise, she leaves me feeling seriously motivated.



On Instagram, my favourite posts are the ones that have been taken in real time, that have probably just been snapped up on a phone in the moment. But my appreciation for delicious food photographs sometimes takes over this and that is 100% the case when it comes to the kitchen sanctuary account. Her feed is full of colour and her photos are so professional.



I love the variety on this account, whether you’re looking for something to bake, or a dinner time recipe, it’s the place to go. The accounts posts gorgeous, bright, photos, and you can find the links to the full recipes on the profile. They recently posted a photo of three ingredient cereal bars which I am super excited to try.



I adore this account. Possibly due to the fact there are SO many photos of pasta dishes (i’m an addict), but also her photos are so real. You can really get to know her in her captions and she tries all sorts of amazing recipes. Pippa is very much into dumplings and noodles, and honestly when I look at her feed that is ALL I want.



Usually I prefer looking at healthy food accounts, I like to get inspiration for my cooking it it helps me to feel motivated. Plus I feel like healthy food is often more photogenic than a greasy burger. However, there are plenty of times I put myself in absolute agony searching through photos of the most indulgent, extravagant food, and for times like that I go to Ollie’s account.  The set up of his food photos are amazing and honestly everything he posts looks delectable. Have I ever had protein pancakes before? No. Do I want them after seeing them on his account? Absolutely.



The lovely thing about this account is that it’s a perfect mix of lifestyle, food, and personality. Annie posts daily updates of her delicious looking food, even if it’s just tea and toast. I love her witty quotes and funny captions, and it’s so nice to see her food creations day to day. I seriously recommend you follow this account, it constantly gives me inspiration for my photos.
Do you know anymore food bloggers who have seriously enviable Instagram feeds? Let me know, i’m always in the mood for drooling over some delicious food photos!
If you want to see what I get up to, including my food adventure, you can find me on Instagram <3
Esther xo




12 responses to “6 food bloggers you need to be following on Instagram”

  1. I love following foodies on Instagram ! I’m going to follow some of these especially pippyeats as i love pasta! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    I would love for you to check out my latest post and blog xx

  2. LOVE this!! Also I’m glad I’m not the only one who asks about what people are having for lunch etc! 😂
    Two others you might like are: amummytoo & easypeasiefoodie ☺️ These two are really friendly in the food blogging community as well! Have learnt a lot from them x

  3. These look so amazing! I really want to get more into food and experimenting with it this year 🙂 Thanks for the post! x

  4. Milli says:

    Ahhh I love how you write Esther, it’s so fun to read! I’m so in love with all these accounts and am going to have to go on a follow spree now ☺️ I have to cook a lot at work so I’m always on the lookout for new recipes! 👀


  5. hilarice says:

    This post made me so hungry, ha! But wow, I hadn’t heard from these instagram accounts before, glad you introduced me to them!

    Larice x ||

  6. This post has made me hungry! I love following foodie accounts on Instagram, perfect for if I’m lacking in motivation to cook! x

    Han |

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