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My top 5 must have apps for new bloggers

January 25, 2018

So, you’re a new blogger like me – Hey!

When you’re starting out as a blogger I think it’s such an exciting time. You have a completely blank, fresh canvas to start your journey on. It’s an amazing feeling to share something you’re passionate about, and to find others who share your passion.

But I also know it can feel a little overwhelming. When I started my blog, it was just me, wordpress, and my thoughts. Now i’ve been blogging for a few months, I’ve learnt so much about everything else that comes hand in hand with running your own blog.

From Tweets to photos, scheduling to planning, it can sometimes feel like a seemingly impossible task even knowing where to start. Luckily for me, i’ve been working in social media for a while now, so i’ve picked up some pretty top tips for that side of things.

I use a lot of apps when it comes to blogging, and honestly I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them, so I thought it might be helpful to share my insights with others. From new blogger to new blogger, here’s how I organise, plan, and basically make things look pretty!

1. A Color Story

My gorgeous Cambridge blogger friend Mollie introduced my to this app, and it’s been so helpful in teaching me about photo editing. It has some gorgeous free filters, and is great for a next step if you’ve just been using Instagrams own filters. It’s super easy to use and there are plenty of option for you to browse. My favourite filter is in the essentials pack, called ice ice. It really brings out the colours in your photos and makes them really crisp.

2. Canva

If you don’t know about Canva, get ready for it to change your life. Well, at least to make it a hell of a lot easier. I first used Canva in my first social media job, and since then, i’ve used it almost every day. It’s an extremely basic alternative to photoshop. If you’re looking to create fun social media images, collages, or to add text onto your photos, Canva is your gal. It’s so easy to use on desktop and mobile, it will honestly save you so much time.

3. Buffer

Working in social media, I use a lot of scheduling tools. But it wasn’t until recently I actually started scheduling some of my posts on Twitter. For me the benefit is that I know my blogs are being shared, even when I don’t have time to manually post them. Buffer is a really simple, free way of scheduling. You just write your post into the queue, and choose your prime times you want the posts to go out. It formats the post perfectly, so you don’t need to worry about odd looking posts.

4. Snapseed

I don’t use Snapseed very often, but I do have it in my photo editing bank just in case. It’s a very simple app which enables you to edit your photos, and has specific editing options like white balance. Which is amazing if you’ve got a slightly yellow wall or creased duvet cover.


I love VSCO. I’m pretty particular when it comes to editing my photos, I have a specific image in my mind on how I want my feed to look. And until I discovered VCSO, I just couldn’t figure out how to put my vision into reality. Now I use VSCO to edit all of my photos before uploading them to Instagram. I use the same filter each time, then I mess around with the exposure, sharpness, contract etc until i’m happy with how it looks. It’s pretty self explanatory and has plenty of options to choose from.

Check out my grid here, i’d love to know your thoughts!

This isn’t technically one of my top 5, but i’ve just tonight downloaded Preview. It’s an app designed to help you organise your Instagram. What appealed to me is the fact I can arrange how I want my feed before I post things. There’s nothing worse than posting a banging pic, only for it to look out of place on the grid. I realise i’m talking utter Instagram gibberish right here, but surprisingly it’s become my language.

Anyway i’ll keep you posted on how I get on with that one.

As a new blogger myself, I know it’s easy to compare yourself to others, and wonder why you’re not doing the same as them, or it’s not as good as them. But honestly what i’ve learnt is it just takes time, and we all have to start somewhere!

I hope I can help in some way, if you have any questions please message me!

What are your favourite blogging apps?

Esther xo


23 responses to “My top 5 must have apps for new bloggers”

  1. ellrachel says:

    I hadn’t heard of VSCO, so I’ve just downloaded it – fab post x

  2. Jemma Malone says:

    Thanks for sharing 😀 Some great apps here that I hadn’t heard of yet.

    Jemma x

  3. I love canva and buffer – Just downloaded the rest of these apps! ❤

  4. Madi Dearson says:

    Just downloaded color story and VSCO:) when it comes to photos I need all the help I can get. thanks for the tips!

  5. I LOVE Canva! It’s an absolute must have!! I also use Snapseed and find it so easy to edit photos on here! Xx

  6. Hi Esther, thanks for sharing these apps.
    I already use BUFFER and find it so useful.
    I downloaded VSCO on iPhone but haven’t used it yet.
    I don’t know A COLOR STORY but it sounds interesting!

    For the moment, I only use the iPhone editing in Photos, then add the Juno filter on IG.
    It works pretty well I think. (

  7. As a VERY new blogger, this was great to read! I already use canva but I’ll definitely be checking out the rest 😊 thank you!

  8. I had never heard of Canva! I’ve been struggling with finding good featured images for soooo long so this has been a lifesaver!

  9. Great info, I will check back for more. Thanks

  10. Just downloaded 3 of the apps! Thank you for sharing!

  11. I swear by Canva, and Buffer. I couldn’t blog without them. I also used VSCO religiously but recently I’ve warmed to Lightroom too. I’ll definitely give the others a try as well

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