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Why green tea is my ultimate ‘super drink’

February 20, 2018

We are a nation of hot drink lovers, there’s no doubt about it.

Whether it’s that cup of tea in bed, or that quick coffee on the commute, there’s no denying we’re all somewhat reliant on our favourite drink to help us power through the day.

As great as these things are, and salute to those who haven’t fallen into the trap, our favourite drinks can come with problems. High levels of caffeine can be addictive, and i’ve heard it can cause withdrawal headaches once it becomes severely embedded into a routine. And yes, I realise I sound like your grandma right now, but we all know she speaks the truth.

(I say have heard, because I’m not yet a certified coffee lover)

I often hear people talk about giving up coffee, or at least cutting down, so I wanted to share an alternative that might just help you out.

I’ve been drinking green tea for years. I first started drinking it when I was thinking about weight loss, i’d heard it was great for speeding up your metabolism, and was in general, a very healthy drink.

So I started giving it a go, and i’ll admit, at first I wasn’t sure, but now I’m an absolute convert and i’ll drink at least 4 cups a day.

I completely understand that green tea isn’t really the most appealing looking thing, yes it sometimes looks like rusty water … BUT I can honestly say it’s such a game changer when it comes to daily routine. If you’re not yet convinced, here are some of the benefits i’ve found.

It fills you up

This is something I learnt when losing weight. Any time I was hungry, i’d drink a mug of green tea and nine times out of ten, it would fill the hole. And this is something I still do. If you’re like me and work in an office, I know there can be a ridiculous amount of temptations around, so having a go-to drink can really help as an alternative to a huge slab of shortbread. It also takes time to drink, so by the time you’ve finished your tea, it’ll probably be lunch time. HOORAY FOOD.

It keeps your insides healthy

Green tea is filled with antioxidants, and whilst I may not know exactly what that is, I know it’s good. Green tea is absolutely crammed with healthy nutrients which are amazing for your insides, and also helps keep digestion regular. Sorry for TMI but ya know, it’s important stuff!

It makes you smarter

Ok obviously I can’t guarantee that by drinking green tea you’ll become an absolute genius (sadly it hasn’t worked for me yet …) but the benefit is it contains caffeine to boost you up, but not as much as coffee which can sometimes be addictive. It also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which combined with caffeine can improve brain function. So in a way, yes you’re getting smarter!

It warms you up

Now this is a real benefit for me because I seem to be the coldest person on the planet. Of course I know regular tea and coffee can also be a great winter warmer, but green tea is not diluted with milk, therefore it stays hot for longer. It’s the perfect accompaniment when i’m sat at my desk in my coat with my hot water bottle. Yep, I really am the coldest person alive.

It’s dairy free

As I just mentioned, green tea is simply the tea bag and water, nothing else needed. There may be a number of reasons why you don’t want to include dairy in your diet and at the moment i’m trying to cut down in case its affecting my skin, so green tea is the perfect alternative.

There are different flavours

If you’re unsure at first whether you like the taste of green tea, it can be great to try and infused version. If I want to mix it up a bit, i’ll buy green tea with lemon which is lovely, and one of my favourites is also green tea with jasmine. It’s a nice way to soften the taste and add something a little sweeter.

Tetley do an amazing boost range of tea which I often get, and they have flavours such as Green Tea Lemon & Honey, Green Tea Forest Fruits and Green Tea Berry Burst. They honestly taste so good and they load them with vitamins and nutrients.

They aim to benefit you in different ways for instance if i’ve got a cold or i’m feeling under the weather, i’ll choose the immune range which claims to support your immune system and overall health.

I can’t recommend including green tea in your daily routine enough, and although at first it might taste questionable, I promise you’ll warm to it. It’s become a huge part of my life, and is a real comforting beverage to help survive the day.

Have you tried any other flavours? There seem to be so many out there!

Esther xo


11 responses to “Why green tea is my ultimate ‘super drink’”

  1. I really need to grow up and start drinking green tea.
    I had a flavoured one once and nearly spat it across the room 😂 ever since I haven’t tried again. Your post may have just given me the kick up the bum I needed!

  2. Great post! Some people can’t live without their morning cup of coffee whereas I’m grumpy all day without my morning cup of green tea 😄

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  4. I’m an absolute sucker for green tea, I can’t get enough of it! I’ll always start and end my day with a mug!

    Han x

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