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3 small steps towards living a little healthier

March 11, 2018

So here we are, we’ve just come out of what can only be described as the UK’s first ever week long ice age.

Ok that might be a slight exaggeration, but we all know us Brits don’t cope well with the snow.

One thing I noticed whilst constantly shivering for a week, was the fact I literally wanted to eat anything in sight. For some reason, the cold weather hypes my appetite up about 12,948 levels.

It’s like there’s no end to my hunger, after 2 bags of mini eggs, a handful of crisps and some cheese on toast, my mind is still thinking…but what’s for dinner?

And i’ll be honest, I listened to my body, and didn’t hold back.

Now I’m not saying I regret any of my cave man survival style eating, but I do feel somewhat in need of a mini detox.

With Spring just around the corner (allegedly), I want to start feeling healthier and more comfortable so i’ve decided to make a couple of small swaps.

Swapping wine for water

Ok i’m just joking with the wine thing, i’m actually not a big alcohol drinker, just the occasional G&T at the weekend or a few cocktails on a night out. BUT, I do drink a lot of diet coke which I know I shouldn’t, so i’ve decided to try and cut down.

Every time I go for a diet coke, i’m going to get a glass of water. I know I don’t drink enough water as it is, so this should help my consumption levels as well as cutting down on the fizz.

Swapping chocolate for well…something healthy

Since December, we seem to have had a constant supply of chocolate in the house. Our Christmas supply lasted for absolutely ages (which amazes me as munched through it at some pace) and now Tesco are selling Easter eggs on buy two get two free, so its like a never ending trap.

Although I love my evening routine of an episode of Friends, a cup of tea and some chocolate, I fear it’s doing more harm than good when it comes to my skin and general health.

I’ve always been pretty lucky when it comes to my skin, but recently i’ve been getting a hell of a lot more spots, and I’ve heard that dairy is a bit of a no go when it comes to looking after your skin.

So, i’ll be stocking up the house with fruit, strawberry mouses, and popcorn so I have an alternative when reaching for my evening snack.

Swapping the sofa for the treadmill

Another thing this cold weather has done to me, is drop my motivation to exercise to an all time low.

The only thing I want to do in my spare time is curl up into a large duvet and make myself a huge hot chocolate. But unfortunately, I can’t spend my life like that.

Getting back into exercise can be an big uphill challenge, so i’m starting small. I’m setting myself weekly exercise goals in an effort to move more. I find it so much easier to exercise when the weather is nice, especially as i’m a huge fan of long walks.

My small goal for next week is just to go to the gym once. Its a small step but I know it will kick start my motivation and remind me how good it feels.

When you break it down like that, these are only really minor swaps to make, but I know from experience that it’s the little things combined that can have a huge difference on the way you feel.

How do you help yourself when it comes to motivation? Let me know!

Esther xo




6 responses to “3 small steps towards living a little healthier”

  1. Since becoming pregnant I’ve no idea what motivation is anymore. Water is so good for us, I just wish it was easier to get used to it and enjoy it! X

  2. I have done the same in 2018…a few small changes and tweaks to live a more healthy life. I do like wine and have tried to cut done swapping out with a sparkling water with a slice of lemon and amping up the treadmill from walking to intermittent short sprints….. from little things 😊

  3. Love this and such easy choices to make!
    I love the point about water, I really think staying hydrated is the key to so so much!

    Another lovely post 🌿

    R x

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