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Review: Steak and Honour

March 15, 2018

It’s been a little while since I wrote my last burger review, so i’m super excited to be sat down with my cuppa tea, ready to relive my latest expedition.

In case you didn’t know, at the end of last year I decided to set myself a little challenge to test out all the burger places in Cambridge.

And what a wonderful journey i’ve been on.

So far, i’ve tried Byron Burger and Honest Burger.

I’ve been inundated with recommendations when it comes to deciding where to eat next, as it seems I’m surrounded by a bunch of burger fanatics. Namely my lovely friend Laura, who genuinely could hold up the burger industry single handedly.

A name I kept hearing was Steak and Honour, so I decided to make it my next trip.

Steak and Honour original started out as a food van, but in January 2017 they opened up their first actual restaurant.

Since the beginning, their ethos has been “compact and personable, making the experience enjoyable and immediate” and I think combining the style of the restaurant with the simplicity of the food matches this perfectly.

The vibes are pretty casual, i’m talking a little more upmarket than your average macy d’s, but you’re still ok to pop in in your leggins and cosy jumper.

The decor is awesome and I think they’ve got it absolutely right creating a casual, cool atmosphere. (why do I find myself feeling old saying casual and cool?)

The branding is on point, and I think what’s fab is the fact they’ve stayed true to their style even after expanding.

Similarly, the menu is pretty limited, but they know what they’re doing and they know they do it well, so I guess don’t feel the need to fluff it out. And hats off to that, because we all know quality over quantity wins every time.

It’s slightly different to a table service restaurant, i’m guessing similar to Five Guys although I wouldn’t know as i’ve still never been…don’t worry it’s coming soon! You order at the counter, go find a seat, and they bring your food over.


I decided to go for The Cheese, as you may already know my views about cheese on burgers are it is essential. Not having cheese on a burger is like not having chocolate chips in your cookies, or not having ketchup with your fries. In my humble opinion it improves a burger by at least 57%.

Anyway the first thing I will say about Steak and Honour food is it is absolutely not the thing to eat if you’re wearing a crisp white shirt and you’ve had your nails done. They serve proper, juicy, huge burgers. No messing around.

My burger was absolutely delicious.

Yes it was a challenge to eat with sauce dripping down my hands, but a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed. They seriously are experts when it comes to cooking the burgers perfectly.

I think usually they do them quite rare, but mine was actually perfectly to suited to my taste.

Their ratio of salad, sauce, meat, cheese and bread was great and I managed to finish the entire meal, fries and all.

Now I don’t know what your views are about fries, but my favourite type are thin, greasy, and a little bit crispy and what you see below is just that. Perfect for dipping into their delicious burger sauce…


On a miserable, cold and rainy day, this was absolutely the best choice to warm us up. There’s nothing better than stuffing your face to make you feel cosy, and Steak and Honour burgers will absolutely do that.

It’s such an achievement that these guys have stayed true to their style, ethos, and taste after expanding and I would recommend all burger lovers make a trip their immediately.

But remember to take your bib…

Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Esther xo


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  1. This looks absolutely delicious, somewhere I definitely need to try out!

    Han x

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