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A bloggers breakfast at the Ivy, Cambridge

March 25, 2018

Recently I had the absolutely pleasure of going for breakfast at the brand new Ivy Brasserie in Cambridge.

As part of their opening they invited a bunch of bloggers to come for breakfast, and you can probably imagine how excited I was when this invite came through, as it’s pretty much my ideal scenario:

The Ivy is perfectly placed amongst the gorgeous Cambridge colleges and is surrounded by cobbled streets and cute shops.

When you see the restaurant from the outside it looks relatively small, but once you step inside and take a wander around it’s amazing to see how far back it goes. There really is so much room for activity…(eating pancakes)

The first thing to note about the Ivy and something I was completely in awe of is the decor. It is incredibly decorated in an Art Deco kinda way. Stunning bold colours pop out everywhere you turn, from the gorgeous velvet bucket chairs to the unique art covering the walls it’s simply beautiful.


We were lucky enough to be sat in the big window at the front of the restaurant, which was of course perfect for photo opportunities. There was about 15 of us Cambridge bloggers, so you can imagine the insane amount of photos being taken, especially once the food started arriving.

First off we were welcomed with teas, coffees and a selection of delicious pastries. The pastries were freshly baked which meant they arrived at the table still warm. They also came with a selection of fruit spreads which was all beautifully presented.

Now you see that menu above? That’s what we had to choose from and I have to say I struggled. Everything sounded so good but in the end I settled for my usual brunch choice – pancakes.

I feel like it’s a great bench mark for me to judge a restaurant on. If they nail the pancakes, they’re automatically in my good books.

My order:

Hot buttermilk pancakes 

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with Greek yoghurt, lemon balm and warm strawberry sauce

Green juice 

Avocado, mint, celery, spinach, apple, parsley


Ok so i’m just going to put this out there straight away, this was one of the best pancake stacks I have ever eaten, and if you’ve seen my Instagram page you’ll know it’s got huge competition.

The pancakes were light, fluffy, and absolutely wonderfully cooked. There was a perfect selection of summer berries and combined with the greek yoghurt and hot strawberry sauce it was like eating bites of heaven. I know right, actual pancake heaven.


The service at The Ivy was brilliant, the staff were all lovely and we were made to feel right at home.

Plus they didn’t keep us waiting long at all which is very important when you’ve got a hungry gal waiting for her pancakes.

I am so glad I had the chance to experience The Ivy on it’s opening day and i’m already excited to go back. It’s the perfect spot for a celebration, a girls brunch or even a fancy date night.


If you’re visiting Cambridge or live near I highly recommend you take a trip, even if you’re just craving pancakes – it’s totally worth it.

Esther xo


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  1. Grace says:

    This breakfast looks insane, you cannot beat pancakes for breakfast! Plus, I love your photography! X

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