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A No7 makeup haul and why I love this brand

March 27, 2018

When it comes to makeup, i’m the kinda gal that sits in the middle.

In the middle of what, you might be thinking? So let me explain.

Basically what I mean is i’m not one of those people who spends all their money on makeup, can’t wait to get the latest Urban Decay eye shadow palette, and has an absolute to-die-for brand favourite. However i’m also not one of those people who doesn’t know a lipstick from an eye liner.

I’m of course exaggerating here and am in no way saying you shouldn’t be one of those people, but i’m just trying to form a sort of scale so you know where I sit.

Anyway, babbling aside.

I wear makeup most days. I have my basic every day makeup style, and I have my night out or special day makeup look. Basically it’s just the every day basic but with a little more effort, eye shadow, and a fancier lipstick.

Living in Cambridge as a recent graduate (Cambridge i.e the most expensive place on earth) i’ve never been in the position where I’m able to spend a lot of money on makeup. As you know i’m a big big foodie, so if i’m having to choose between a pancake stack and a new mascara, nine times out of ten i’ll choose the pancakes.

So for me affordability has always been something I look for when it comes to makeup.

My first experience with No7 makeup was when I was a teenager buying my first foundation, and honestly I stuck with that foundation for about ten years. I still use No7 foundation now, just a different version which i’ll go on to shortly.

Before I go on, I need to ask a question: does anyone else feel like all makeup decides to run out at the same time and suddenly you need to stock up on every single product you own? Yeah that happened to me recently.

I popped into No7 to grab a new bottle of my foundation and some powder and ended up leaving with a little bag of extra goodies, so I thought i’d tell you a bit about what I got.

One thing I love about No7 and something that seriously works in my favour is the fact they almost always have money off vouchers for skin care or makeup. YAY FOR MONEY SAVING.

This time when I went in, they had an offer on that fit me perfectly. Buy two No7 products and get a free gift worth £27.


Here’s what I got:


Foundation: No7 Stay Perfect 

Shade: Cool Vanilla

Price: £15.00

Wear: Up to 24 hours

SPF: 15

Coverage: Even toned, smooth

Feels: Lightweight, breathable

I absolutely love this foundation. It suits my skin perfectly and keeps my oily forehead less mirror like when I’m out and about. I’ve written a post with more details about this foundation, which you can read here.


Powder: No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Shade: Medium

Price: £11.00

Coverage: Even, smooth, light reflecting

Feels: Light, soft, airy

This powder works wonders in combination with the foundation, it covers flaws, soaks up moisture and acts as a perfect primer for further makeup. I apply the powder with my largest Eco Tools brush.


After buying the powder and foundation, these were the little extras I got as a gift and you know what I was pretty chuffed. It’s a lovely selection of some of their products that to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have tried if it hadn’t been for the free gift.

Advertising done well eh!

Eye Shadow: No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow

Shade: Sea Shell

I’ve tried this eye shadow a couple of times now and the colour is stunning. It blends in perfectly with other eye shadows so I use it as a sort of top coat on the middle of my lid. This shade is beautifully light and really highlights parts of the eye it’s applied onto.

Highlighter: No7 Skin Illuminator

This highlighter is creamy, lightweight, and beautifully reflects the light leaving your skin glowing. Day to day, I use a powdered highlighter, but I really like the creaminess and strength of this highlighter when I want to add a little more. You can mix it into your foundation for an overall glow and it’s perfect for sensitive skin. I also love that you only need the smallest amount to create an impact, so I have a feeling this is going to last a while!

Beauty Blender: No7 Flawless Finish Blending Sponge

I know you might think i’m crazy, but i’ve never owned one of these blending sponges before. Honestly I often you my hands when it comes to blending and smoothing, or brushes to cover blemishes and spread foundation. What I do like about this sponge is it’s perfect to blend in the highlighter.

If you’re looking for a new brand of affordable, good quality makeup products I would really recommend No7. They always have a fabulous range of products, and if you’re unsure about shading and colour they have a free skin match service which I always use before buying a product.

As I mentioned before what I like about No7 is they often have vouchers and offers on and as you can see here I left with quite a few extra goodies. AND when I got to the counter the lovely lady at boots gave me a £3 off voucher so all in all I think I got everything for around £20 which is A M A Z I N G.

Which is your favourite affordable beauty brand?

Esther xo




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