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Five bloggers absolutely smashing it with Instagram stories

April 12, 2018

When it comes to Instagram, I absolutely love it. It’s always been my favourite social platform and even now with the dreaded algorithm making it so hard to grow, it’s something I still love.

Honestly one of the main things I love about being a blogger is creating the imagery to go with my posts, and that extends to Instagram as well. There’s nothing I love more than uploading the cosiest photo known to man knowing i’ve worked hard to get the perfect shot.

Even if that means a cold cup of tea and soggy piece of toast by the end of it – bloggers, we all know the struggle.

When Instagram first brought out their stories feature, I wasn’t overly excited. I’ve been a big user of Snapchat (RIP) but it wasn’t something I particularly felt like the platform needed, it already had an absolute humungous user base.

Oh how wrong I was.

Instagram stories has now topped 300 million users and it’s a feature that has caught on massively. As an avid Instagram user I have become completely invested in the story feature, and upload multiple times a day.

So although Instagram may not have ‘needed’ the feature, it has absolutely catapulted the platform in front of the others. And in doing so, pushed our poor old friend snapchat further back.

As well as uploading to my own Instagram stories, it has become an evening ritual of mine to get cosy into bed and catch up what everyone has been up to.

It’s almost like catching up on one of your favourite programmes, you’re just watching little clips from all around the world. I love it!

Although I feel there are less ‘rules’ when it comes to stories, I do think that if used well it can really help to grow your account. There are some bloggers I follow and I really look forward to seeing their stories and what they’ve been up to.

Here are a few of my faves absolutely smashing the story life.


Something I completely admire when it comes to Instagram stories is consistency. I think it’s amazing when bloggers stay in keeping with their theme even when it comes to uploading to their stories.

Colour is such a strong form of branding and I think Morgan Alice Beauty does this SO well. Her feed is a beautiful mix of pale pinks and pastels. From the items in her home to the clothes she wears, you can recognise her photos instantly.


And this doesn’t just stop at her feed. Her stories are always so colour coordinated and just look so pretty. I’ll admit a lot of the time I love watching them because the videos of her daughter Alice are just so frickin cute, but I also seriously admire the time and effort she puts in to making her stories so beautiful.


Right first things first, this girl is absolutely hilarious.

Her stories often have me in stitches and she just brings so much life into my Instagram feed. See that photo above on the right? That’s her in Croatia when she was taking an outfit shot and suddenly got hit by a wave. She’s wearing her mums gilet BACK TO FRONT because her dress went see through.

No joke I laughed for a solid ten minutes.

I connect with bloggers so much more when they talk to the camera on Instagram stories, and this is something that Monica does so well. I love hearing what she’s up to each day, and it’s just so much fun getting to know her.


Hannah Gale is one of my all time favourite bloggers and an account I love to follow on Instagram. Her photos are beautiful and that gal knows a thing or two about successful self branding.

See the text overlays on her stories? That’s become so recognisable to me as Hannah’s style. She uploads to her stories daily and whether it’s an upload of her favourite fashion pics, a cute boomerang of her adorable son Atticus, or a quick run down of her food shop she ALWAYS keeps it interesting.

I’m always glued to her stories and I love the little insights into her day.


Abi is an absolute G E M. She’s such a supportive blogger and someone who I’ve really connected with in the bloggersphere. I often read her posts and they resonate with me so much, I wonder if we have the same mind.

Her Instagram account is fabulous and recently for a month or so she uploaded daily favourites to her stories. This is such a great way to share the love, and I often found a load of gorgeous accounts to follow from her recommendations.

Just a couple of days ago she did a before and after of one of her feed shots and honestly I am obsessed. Does anyone else just find it fascinating seeing the difference after editing?! I think it’s such a fab thing to share with your followers, and it clearly cements your editing style.

I’m already looking forward to more as I see she’s made before and after a highlight on her feed…YAY!


You’ve probably heard or seen me rave about Beth somewhere on my social channels because I just absolutely love her. Her blog, her feed, her stories, she is just smashing it.

As I mentioned previously, I love it when bloggers chat to their followers via Instagram stories. It’s such a great way of connecting and I think it often has a lot more power than words written down.

Beth uploads videos to her story regularly, and what I like is the fact she talks about things that you really want to hear about. Like when she’s going to a proseco and knitting event, or a Cream Egg workshop. (A bloggers dream right?!)

She tells you about her favourite beauty products, or shows you the fabulous bits she’s been sent, but also keeps it real. If she’s having a down day or not feeling motivated she will come on and chat about it, and I think that’s something to be seriously admired. Being real on social media is something not a lot of us can honestly say we do, so I think it’s important to show some of these moments. (i’ve recently written a little post about being ‘real’ online, which you can find here)

Beth basically just gives you an all round insight into a bloggers life in an honest and fabulous way.

Wow, i’ve just realised i’ve already written over 1000 words. I told you i’m a big fan!

I don’t know about you, but i’m starting to get the feeling that everything is slowly moving over to Instagram. For one, i’m considering deleting Snapchat as I haven’t been on it for months, but also what about Youtube?

I’ve never been a huge Youtube watcher, but now we have Instagram stories I’m much more likely to watch someone vlogging on there rather than actively going onto Youtube.

I love that it’s all in one place.

If you want to know what I get up to on Instagram stories, you can find me here. I can promise a lot of foodie photos, blogger recommendations and videos of me chatting to the camera with my face covered in Sudocrem.

Living the dream.

Who are your favourite accounts for Instagram stories? Let me know!

Esther xo



10 responses to “Five bloggers absolutely smashing it with Instagram stories”

  1. Hannah Gale and Beth Sandland definitely nail their Instagram stories! Another two bloggers who are favourites of mine with their Instagram stories is @kelseyinlondon and Chloe Plumstead. They do really good content filled stories too! xx

    Lucy |

  2. themonicaway says:

    Thanks so so so much for this feature!!!! It means a lot to me!!!! Beautifully written and the blogging world really welcomes and NEEDS support for fellow bloggers. You’re an amazing advocate for bloggers as you bring such a great sense of positivity and creativity. Loving your content and can’t wait to see how you progress!!!!!! Lots of love girl xxxxxx

    • Esther Wyse says:

      You’re so welcome girl, I adore your INstagram and you are a fab lady! Thank you for all the support, it’s so important like you say we all support one another! We got this gal xxxxxxxx

  3. Siyana says:

    I always feel super conscious when it comes to my stories – I never know when it’s too much, when I start to annoy people, etc.

  4. Hannah Gale is one of my favourite social media stars basically – I love her blog and her photos and her stories, I just adore her altogether! 😍 I’ve given some of the other girls a follow though!

  5. Anna says:

    Such great accounts! Stories is one area I really want to work on over summer! Have you seen @danniellelily stories from While I’m Young blog? She is great at travel blogging and chatting to her followers but if you can’t have the sound on she writes the topic summary too, very in tune with what her followers want I feel!

    Anna x

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