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The Skinny Bakery: sweet treats to make you feel good

April 17, 2018

When it comes to dieting and healthy eating, i’ve pretty much tried everything under the sun.

From calorie free pasta to detox tea, you name it, i’ve tried it.

If you’re a new follower of my blog *waves and smiles* and don’t know too much about my ever so interesting life story i’ll give you the quick low down.

Over the last five years i’ve been on a pretty big journey with my weight.

After putting on an impressive three stone during my college and uni years, I ended up becoming pretty unhappy with my weight and the way I looked.

So, in an effort to change my ways, become healthier, and ultimately feel more comfortable in how I felt about myself, I embarked on my happiness journey.

Using a range of diets and techniques (you can find some of my most successful ones here) and with a shed load of will power I managed to loose over three and a half stone.

It took me around three years to get to my goal weight, but I can say with 100% certainty that I feel so much better in myself.

For about a year now i’ve been at a stable and happy weight. It fluctuates of course with snack filled weekends and the occasional boozy staycay but ultimately i’ve got to a point in my life where I don’t need to be so strict with my regimes.

One thing this journey has shed light on for me is how much I truly love food, and along side that, finding ways to eat yummy food guilt free.

And that’s where The Skinny Bakery comes in.

Surely the words skinny and bakery in a sentence are just not compatible I hear you say?

I beg to differ.

I recently discovered The Skinny Bakery on Instagram, and when they contacted me asking if i’d like to sample their low calorie treats I just new I had to do it*. With my long history of dieting and exploring the world of low calorie eating**, it was the perfect opportunity for me to try a new kinda sweet treat and share it with you guys.

Now i’ve taste tested quite a few of their products, and when I say taste tested I mean eaten the whole lot, I thought i’d let you know a bit more about them.


Here’s what we tried:


Firstly, what I loved from the get go with these treats is that the nutrition and calorie information is displayed clearly on all the packaging.

For me there’s nothing worse than buying a snack and having to work out the nutrition info based off 100g and all that stuff, what I want to know is how much it’s gunna set me back if I eat the whole pack.

And that’s what you get with the Skinny Bakery. Let’s say you want to eat a whole pack of the Skinny Beetroot Pearls, you know all in all that’s going to be 169 calories. No messing.

After all who can start eating cake and then actually persuade themselves not to finish the whole thing?


As a chocolate lover i’m always overjoyed to find a chocolatey treat that’s not going to ruin me for the rest of the day, and I have to say the Skinny Chocolate Pearls really are a dream.

What’s amazing about these pearls of cake is the fact they really are, and you’re going to hate me for saying this word, so moist.

The combination of mega soft sponge and the yoghurty, creamy centre in the middle means you’re left with a dreamily soft cake. And that is something I wouldn’t have expected from a low calorie treat.

The flavour combinations are divine and to pick out one of my favourites it would have to be the Skinny Carrot Cake Pearls. Often with healthy snacks I feel there is a compromise on flavour, but these little pearls are bursting with tastes of cinnamon and sweetness.

For a super light choice, the Skinny Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies are perfect. They’re like eating a little chocolate cloud and there’s no chance of a chocolate induced bloat.

If I had to pick one of my least favourites, and believe me it’s not easy, I would probably say the Skinny Mini Gingerbread Men. Although they look bloody adorable, compared to the cake pearls I just didn’t taste as much flavour.

These treats are absolutely perfect if you’ve got an undeniable sweet treat but also want to eat carefully. You can eat a whole cake and only sacrifice 40 calories, which is pretty fab.

I’m so glad I got to try The Skinny Bakery products and would seriously recommend giving them a go if you’re looking for some healthy alternatives.

What are your favourite healthy snacks? I’d love to know!

Esther xo


* P.S Just for your information, the lovely Kate from The Skinny Bakery invited me to try these treats in exchange for a blog review, however everything you read on my blog comes from the heart, and I would never promote anything I didn’t truly recommend.

** P.P.S Just FYI, I thought it was important to chat quickly about calorie counting. Whilst I know some people may not believe it’s a healthy way of watching what you eat, it’s something that’s always worked for me. As well as calorie counting, i’m also mindful of ensuring I give my body the correct nutrients therefore will also track that alongside calories.

I strongly believe that when it comes to losing weight, if it’s something you want to do you have to find what works best for your body, and whilst your choice may not work for everyone, if it’s healthy and it’s what works for you – go for it!



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