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A bloggers guide to the perfect girls night in

May 13, 2018

As I sit here and write this post, i’m staring out my living room window seeing greyness, sogginess and general wintery dreariness.

Bearing in mind it’s now the start of May, it’s a slightly confusing feeling wanting to snuggle up on the sofa in a duvet, with a hot tea and a movie.

But ya know, England.

My birthday is in the middle of May, so i’ve been thinking about possible plans. (You may be wondering about the connection between the crap weather and my birthday – but stay with me)

I always like to do something to celebrate my birthday, even if it’s just dinner with friends. Because if there’s an excuse for a celebration, why not make the most of it!

With the weather being the way it is, it’s kinda got me wondering about planning a cosy girls night in.

Sometimes I find nights in are better than nights out…yes, the grandma in me is ready to come out.

Seriously though, you can’t have a good chat on a night out. Drunken heart to hearts are far better in the comfort of ya cosy pjs with a slice of pizza within arms length if things get deep.

The thing is as we get older, and jobs start to become more and more a part of our lives it becomes difficult to plan with friends. Work patterns don’t match, and sometimes life just gets in the way.

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SO, what better way to celebrate, get everyone together and have a huge catch up, than to plan a girls night in?!

My ideal night in includes a huge amount of food, and probably twice as much prossecco, but I wanted to get some thoughts from fellow bloggers so we could put together the perfect girls night in guide…so here goes!

A perfect girls night in needs…

“A Chinese takeaway…and comfy clothes so we can eat as much as we like and be super comfy for hours on the sofa” Abi

This speaks to me on so many levels and this girl is talking ultimate night in sense. A girls night in is absolutely not complete without some slobby clothes and fluffy socks. We want to be at the prime of comfort so the stretchier the better.

“Some pampering products like a face mask…I love the Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin one” Sophie

What better excuse to treat yourself with some pampering treats than at a girls night in? I totally agree with Sophie on this. I’m talking facemasks galore (which are also great for hilarious photos), nail painting kits and maybe even some hair braiding stations.

“Sweets, chocolate, popcorn, crisps and possibly some rum and coke for cocktails” Jess

Is anyone just drooling at their screens right now? I need all of these snacks instantly. We need a perfect mixture between some savoury and sweet, and crisps are always on my list. Literally – any excuse.

For girls nights in I would usually choose prossecco, but I love the idea of making cocktails.

“A really nice smelling candle to help me relax, preferably a Diptyqe or Jo Malone” Sophie

Setting the scene is essential for a girls night in. We need to create the perfect atmosphere with all the lovely smells. Incense, candles, and many many fairy lights. This instantly creates a relaxing setting.

“Pizza, wine, rom-coms and matching PJ’s” Elise 

I just adore the idea of matching PJ’s. I’ve seen some hen parties and birthday parties getting all matching in pink and I love it.

And how could we forget the movies?! Although most girls nights in are focussed around nattering, it’s nice to have some background watching and something to pop on in the background.

Is this sounding more and more like the perfect night to anyone else?!

A bloggers guide to the perfect

So there we have it, the bloggers guide to a perfect girls night in!

Now it’s time for you to plan your own.

What’s your favourite thing about a night in?

Esther xo



4 responses to “A bloggers guide to the perfect girls night in”

  1. Absolutely love this Esther! And the idea of a braiding station sounds amazing! Loving the little infographic you’ve created too 🙂 Can we do this soon? xx

  2. morwenna92 says:

    That sounds like my perfect night! I think I grew out of nights out when I was 18…really I was never into them anyway. The words, ‘ let’s have a night out for your birthday’ always sent fear into my heart at university and I usually managed to talk my way out of it, mostly because my birthday was during or just after freshers week and that terrified me more than a usual night out haha.
    I love a night in, I’d add makeovers into the mix, even now. I love the excuse to play around with makeup and give my friends crazy makeup looks that wouldn’t be practically anywhere but on a really out there photo shoot!
    Wonderful post! I think I’ll have to organise a girls night soon!
    Menna x |

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