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24 totally random life lessons i’ve learnt in 24 years

May 17, 2018

As of yesterday I have been living on this planet for 24 years.

That honestly blows my mind.

Remember in school when you were young, you’d look up to people in the older years and think how old they seemed, and anyone over the age of 20 was just a fully grown adult, probably married with kids and a dog?

Now i’m 24 and I can’t help but think how far away I am from being an ‘adult’, whatever that really means.

But I love it! I love feeling young, I love not quite having my life together. Yeah sometimes it gets annoying but it’s all part of the journey.

And in the wise words of Ronan Keating…

Life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it

Seriously, words to live by right there.

In my 24 years of living I feel like i’ve done a fair bit.

I’ve moved around, travelled, been to uni, had jobs in almost all sectors, had relationships (good and bad) and been through the ups and downs of general life.

Over the way i’ve learnt many things, but this year I thought i’d share a random few to celebrate another year of living.

  1. Time has a funny way of working things out, so let it take it’s course
  2. Cheese is a great addition to almost every meal
  3. The friends you make at uni will be like family
  4. And if you manage to stay in contact with your friends from school after splitting for uni etc, it’s likely they’ll be there for a long time to come
  5. Chocolate can burn
  6. If a guy wants to pursue something with you, he will make the effort. Don’t make excuses for shit guys
  7. Hair removal cream is not worth it
  8. 18 is often too young to know which career path you want to go down, so choose something you enjoy and go from there
  9. Family is everything
  10. You’ll end up disappointed if you always expect to be treated how you treat others
  11. So expect the worst and hope for the best
  12. Melted chocolate and raspberry is the ultimate combination
  13. Hair has the ability to appear on your body in the places you really would  not expect
  14. Friends: quality over quantity
  15. On a night out, nothing good ever happens after 2am
  16. It’s not just teenagers that suffer from spots
  17. There’s nothing better than chicken nuggets after a night out, or at any time as a matter of fact
  18. Exercise will always make you feel good
  19. After cooking with chilli, you can never wash your hands too much
  20. Cooking is therapeutic
  21. Love: when you know, you know
  22. Uni will make you appreciate your family in a way you would have never expected
  23. Although at the time dating disasters and break ups are utterly shit, they make the best stories and life lessons
  24. Beauty comes from within

Esther xo

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  1. Liyana says:

    This was such a fun read. Totes agree with so many of these – my favourites are 1, 4, 9 & 24!

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