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Love Island first reaction: Where’s the body variety!?

June 7, 2018

I never thought i’d see the day I’d be writing a blog post about Love Island.

Love it or hate it, the show has caused an absolute phenomenon.

Our nine pm slots have become filled for the next eight weeks and we’re saying goodbye to our social lives. Oh, except for Saturday nights – that’s when they put on that recap episode which let’s face it, you only ever put on by accident then feel instantly disappointed you forgot it wasn’t a real ep.

There’s no denying that the show is utter trash, but there’s something about it that has the nation talking.

And I’m absolutely not ashamed to say I bloody love it.

You can try to tell me otherwise, but I can almost guarantee that everyone watching Love Island is judging. Judging the personalities, the clothes, the hair extensions, the nails, whatever it is, we’re judging. It may not be right, but a show like that is bound to spark judgemental views.

The fact that the very first thing the contestants do is partner up based on looks shows that judgement is just in the nature of the show.

One thing that’s almost impossible not to judge, is the bodies.

And I’ll admit it, it’s one of the first things I looked at when those girls walked out in their bikinis.

What I want to start by saying though, is those girls all looked amazing. They do of course have absolutely cracking bods. And to have the confidence to walk out on national television in a skimpy bikini with barely a wobble in sight – I hold my hands up to them.

However when watching the first episode, I couldn’t help but feel disappointment in the fact that their bodies are all pretty similar.

What I really don’t want to do is generalise and i’m absolutely not saying the girls are all the same (we’re all different and beautiful in our own way!), but it’s impossible not to notice that they’re all around a size 6-8, have perky boobs, and long hair.

Maybe i’m expecting too much from a superficial (Hayley – take note) show such as Love Island, but with brands such as ASOS and Misguided finally using a range of different body types to advertise clothes and NOT photoshopping their stretch marks or rolls, I kinda thought the time had come to celebrate variety.

Screenshot 2018-06-07 19.02.46Screenshot 2018-06-07 19.03.00

And the thing is, the brands making these changes are being talked about in SUCH a positive light!

So why didn’t Love Island follow the trend?

Knowing they have such a huge viewer count, it could have been the perfect opportunity for them to actually make a real change.

With a large amount of younger viewers, this could have been an amazing platform to carry on the movement.

Imagine if we’d tuned in to see 8 girls, all of different heights, ethnicity, size, hair type, skin type, the list could just go on…it could have really made such an impact.

Maybe they just choose the contestants based on personality, but somehow looking back on previous series’ and seeing a similar trend, I cant imagine thats how it works…

I noticed I wasn’t alone in feeling a lack of variety, and it was actually nice to see so many people looking for something different.

Screenshot 2018-06-07 19.11.52Screenshot 2018-06-07 19.12.58Screenshot 2018-06-07 19.13.16Screenshot 2018-06-07 19.13.27Screenshot 2018-06-07 19.13.42

And you know what, this in itself is a step in the right direction.

No longer are we idolising the same type of body, but we’re craving diversity and are willing to celebrate our own body types, just as they are.

But that’s not enough!

We all know the influence these contestants can have. With half of them coming out with   sponsored deals and 100k+ Instagram followers, they make the perfect candidate for advertising.

But that doesn’t have to just be a product! This influence could be used to showcase the fact that you know what, variety is good. SO GOOD!

With a show as huge as Love Island, there has of course been a huge range of views and comments. Everyone has their opinion, and almost everyone has something to say about this.

Screenshot 2018-06-07 19.26.53

The tweet above I think is so important.

(FYI as well, Lauren is a fantastic comedian I met at uni and her Tweets crack me up, so I really recommend you give her a follow!)

It can be so easy for us to crave variety and diversity that we forget about the people we’re comparing to and ultimately, bringing down.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with slim girls and they’re absolutely no more or less real than girls with curves, or bald girls, or short girls, or girls covered in stretch marks, any kinda girl!

I’ll admit it, whilst writing this post I almost wrote “we need more ‘real’ women on the show” and i’m annoyed at myself for it. The women on Love Island are no less real than us gals sat at home. Well, they may just have an adjustment here or there…

We’re all real, and all bodies deserve to be celebrated and that’s what i’m most disappointed about.

I think I probably just expected too much of Love Island.

After all, you’re probably reading this thinking Esther, if you’re gunna watch a show like Love Island, you gotta get used to superficiality.

I just thought this might be the year things really start to shake up.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this, whether you watch Love Island or not, I know body image and diversity is close to a lot of hearts.

Esther xo







6 responses to “Love Island first reaction: Where’s the body variety!?”

  1. Julia says:

    I don’t want Love Island but in general, I notice an incredible lack of diversity in reality shows, tv shows, movies, all ranging from small scale to blockbuster and I find it ridiculously disapointing and quite irresponsible actually!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. I think this year has been the worst for it and I think all the guys are the same too, the standard taller, muscly guy… bore off! Xx

    • estherwyse says:

      Yeah I completely agree! It would be slightly more understandable if they had fantastic personalities but I just don’t see it! xx

  3. Caroline says:

    I absolutely love the show, but I have noticed that basically all the contestants this year look the same as previous years casts. I would love to see a variety of people who don’t all look the same.

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