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Why I finally decided to chop all my hair off

June 17, 2018

Those of you who have followed me for a while will know i’ve always had long hair.

I can’t remember a time I didn’t have long hair.

Over the years i’ve dabbled with a bit of under the shoulder length, but most of the time i’ve preferred the long and luscious life.

There’s always been a part of me that’s wondered what it would be like to go short, from rolling my hair up in a makeshift bob to dodgy photoshop face swaps with gorgeous celebs, the thought has often come up.

(Inspiration below)


But my wondering has been where it’s ended, until now.

The thing is, I always just felt like long hair was so easy to style. When it’s long surely there’s so much more you can do with it?!

I also felt quite lucky because I do have quite nice thick hair which dries wavy, so I never had to use to much heat on it.

Recently, i’ve been seeing so many beautiful LOB (long bob) hair cuts. On celebs, bloggers, friends, it really seems to be a hot trend at the moment and I am all for it.

Screenshot 2018-06-17 08.45.54

I absolutely LOVE Abi’s hair. Since watching her Barcelona vlog and of course keeping up with her on Insta i’ve adored her LOB.

The way she styles it is so effortless.


Screenshot 2018-06-17 08.47.59

Although I’m not a huge fan of too much of a side parting (long gone are the secondary school days of ridiculous side fringes), I like the length and curls of Zoellas LOB.

I think she’s now gone quite short, but I love the bouncing shoulder length here.

Screenshot 2018-06-17 08.51.31


A new connection of mine on Instagram and my absolute hair idol is Saf. Her style is effortless and her LOB is the perfect length and style.

I honestly think she is part of the reason I decided to go for the chop.


So as you can see, during 2018 and the year I started blogging, i’ve been surrounded by some pretty influential gals with stunning LOB’s.

Then the thought started slowing trickling more and more into my head…is it time for a change?

Honestly i’ve thought about cutting my hair now for a good six months and only now, finally, have I got round to actually doing it.

The deciding factor for me, and one of the reasons i’m actually so glad I waited this long is I found out I could donate my hair.

The Little Princess Trust is a charity who provide real wigs free of charge to young people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment or other illnesses.

An absolutely incredible cause.

As someone who has always been incredibly lucky with hair, and I’m sure many others feel the same, I can’t even begin to image what it is like to lose you hair, so I think this charity is absolutely amazing.

I had no idea how much real wigs actually cost until speaking to my hair dresser at Toni and Guy. We’re talking thousands for a real hair wig!

Once I found out my hair was long enough to donate, I booked my appointment.

It was the deciding factor for me, If I can help someone out in this small way I am more than happy to chop off my locks.

After all once my hair is no longer attached to my head, I don’t have much use for it!

ACS_0145This was my hair on the day it was getting cut.

You can see obviously the ends are pretty knackered, but that’s bearing in mind I hadn’t had it cut for probably over a year.

One of the great things about donating my hair, was that I didn’t have chance to feel nervous.

Ok maybe in the exact moment the hairdressers held the scissors up to the top of my plaits, but after she’d chopped them off that was it, it was already done.

Once the plaits were chopped off, I had my hair styled. It’s currently all one length with a few longer bits at the front. Considering how much hair I have, it didn’t take long at all.


Once my hair was styled, I took my plaits away in a bag and it was done! I did feel very strange wandering around Cambridge with a bag of human hair, but part of me was too excited about my new do to even think about it.


The process fo donating is super easy, so if you’re thinking of getting your hair cut check these guidelines to see if you’re eligible:

“If your ponytail (plaits are acceptable but ponytails are preferable please) measures longer than 12”/30cm, it will most likely be blended with similar hair and made into a lovely, long wig for a girl.  If you’re having your hair cut with the specific intention of donating it, please hang on and grow the length so that it exceeds 12”/30cm.

If your hair measures between 7-12”/17-30cm, it may be mixed with similar hair and made into a shorter wig possibly, when required.  Incredibly around 4”/10cm is lost when a wig is made because of the knotting process.”


Now i’ve cut my hair, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. I absolutely love the length and contrary to what I previously thought there’s actually a lot more I can do with it.

I’m still trying to master the diddy braids, but hopefully I can get there soon!

If you’re on the fence about getting the chop, DO IT.

Just remember, it will always grow back!

(That was my thought process throughout the whole experience, just in case I hated it!)

Esther xo



16 responses to “Why I finally decided to chop all my hair off”

  1. newgirlintoon says:

    I love your LOB it really suits you and donating your hair – what a lovely thing to do! I cut my hair quite dramatically after my wedding – think I was having some kind of argh I’m married meltdown!

  2. ForeverFi says:

    You are such a wonderful woman for doing such a selfless act, you should be very proud. The new hair looks gorgeous and suits you so so much!! It was also so lovely to learn a bit more about the Little Princess Trust and ngl you’ve inspired me to grow mine out and then do the same hehe.

    All the love, Fi xx

  3. What a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. P.s. I love your LOB hair style! 😁

  5. Julia says:

    Ah your hair looks so fresh and awesome! I think it’s so cool that you donated your hair as well, I wouldn’t even think to do that 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  6. Earthly Mama says:

    I love the new look girl! You look gorgeous! I totally know what you mean though, I want a change as well but don’t know what to do yet. I do want to grow it out and donate as well though. Did you do anything specific to get your hair to grow so long?

    • estherwyse says:

      Thank you SO much!! I love it – it’s so much easier to deal with hahaha! No not really, I just dont often use heat on it! And I don’t dye it so that probably helps! xx

  7. Earthly Mama says:

    I love your new look girl, the LOB looks gorgeous on you! I would love to change up my hair completely for a little refresh but haven’t quite decided on what to do yet. Do you have any tips on growing it out though? I’d love to donate mine before making a drastic change.

  8. gotmeghan says:

    I really love your hair, but I understand why you’ve always kept it long though!

    This is my third round with long hair and it’s always up in a pony tail which is annoying because I think my hair is pretty down, but not with this heat and after a while, it’s just too much weight for my neck. At least you donated your hair to a great cause, so you should be very happy for yourself there! 🙂

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