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My summer style guide; an ASOS sale haul

August 5, 2018


It’s been a little while since I posted on the ol’ blog.

I don’t know about you, but when summer comes a long I seem to have a lot less time to dedicate to computer based tasks.

This year especially as it’s been over 104 degrees every day.

Plans occur, Holidays happen, and as the days are sunnier it’s less likely i’m going to want to sit sweating down onto my little laptop.

However, just before I popped off to Cyprus (you can see all OTT holiday snaps on my Instagram) I did a very mini but very successful ASOS haul which I wanted to share with you.

You’ve probably also seen the majority of these items on Instagram, but since I’ve had a lot of people messaging me for the links I thought i’d put them all into a little handy post.

Sadly a few of these items are now out of stock, but i’ve very generously spent my time scrolling through the internet to find similar items…it’s a hard life!

ASOS Half Kitten Cat Eye Metal Sunglasses With Rose Gold Flash Lens


I love these sunglasses.

When I ordered them I was sure they were going to be one of those items you buy on a whim, try them on and realise you look like you should be in some sort of fancy dress competition.

I was proved wrong. I tried them on and instantly loved them. I love the reflectiveness, the colour, and the shape.

AND they are only £5.00. Yes you heard it, FIVE BRITISH POUNDS.


One thing I will say about these sunglasses is they’re not the kind you wear on your head.

You know with some sunglasses you almost just put them on so you can use them to push back your hair? That’s not these.

I would say these are your dinner out in the summer glasses. They’re sturdy and pretty and I couldn’t recommend them anymore for the bloody fantastic price they are.

ASOS DESIGN Thear Espadrille Flatform Sandals

So here they are.

The shoes of dreams I never knew I needed.

Honestly i’ve always hated the idea of flatforms. I often think they’re a bit frumpy and stumpy.

Obviously i’ve seen gals looking incredible in them, but there’s just something about them that weirded me out. Possibly the same thing I feel about kitten heels…just say the word brings a shiver down my spine.

These shoes were a game changer. I work at a social agency in an office and although the dress code is pretty casual, I like to make somewhat of an effort to look half decent.

With the scorching temps this year and until recently, no air con, I was in desperate need of some summer footwear.

Usually i’m a flip flop gal through and through, but I wanted to invest in something a little smarter.

I got straight onto ASOS and as I was scrolling through the sandals I came across these absolute babes.

Not something I’d usually go for but I just adored the lemon print. So summery and just so god damn cute!

If they’d been a little more expensive i’m not sure I would have bought them, but at £13.00 I just could not resist. Yep, that’s right THIRTEEN.

These shoes are perfect to pair with a summer dress or jumpsuit.

They did rub quite a bit when I first got them, but I find with summer shoes that’s almost unavoidable until you get used to them.


These shoes have heartbreakingly been out of stock for a while now, however if you’re a size ten you’re in luck, buy them NOW!

Luckily there are loads of gorgeous espadrilles on ASOS and all for a pretty decent price, here are a few of my top picks.

  1. ASOS DESIGN Jake Studded Espadrille Sandals
  2. Head Over Heels by Dune Flatform Espadrille with Pink Glitter Straps
  3. ASOS DESIGN Thear Espadrille Flatform Sandals

AJ Morgan round sunglasses

So you know I mentioned earlier that you have some sunglasses which are basically just to push your hair out of your face when it’s getting sweaty?

These sunglasses are those.

They’re also my ‘wear in the pool’ sunglasses.

For me sunglasses come in two categories. The fancy going out kind, and the comfy, practical, bombing into a pool kind.

These sunglasses are perfect. They’re simple but sheek and they’re comfy whichever way you wear them. They survived 35 degree heat and a lot of pool action so if you’re looking for the perfect holiday pair, this might just be it.

These practical bad boys are still in stock and at only £10 you’ve got yourself a right bargain.

Oasis bon voyage straw hat

Here we have it, the ultimate insta purchase.

I try not to buy too many things just ‘for the gram’, but on this occasion i’ll admit I caved.

I like to think I bought this hat because my head gets really sunburnt but in reality i’m always to hot to wear it anyway.

Nevertheless I am extremely pleased with this purchase, it was the perfect accessory to accompany my reading by the pool when the sun was getting a bit much.

It’s also just so pretty. The detailing on it is beautiful and the shape is just so glam.

No surprise that this insta gem is out of stock, but i’ve seen some similar which are just as cute. You might just get stuck with ‘hola’ or ‘vacay’ instead of my irrelevant french phase.

(irrelevant as it was being worn in Cyprus, the message of course being perfect)

  1. Slogan Straw Hat
  2. Stripe Floppy Hat

Boohoo Stripe Culotte Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is without doubt one of the comfiest things i’ve ever worn.

I bought it before I went away on a weekend break to London. The weather was sweltering and I wanted something cute which also gave me the freedom to be the ultimate tourist.

I’m so glad I bought this. It was £20.00 and I just went out on a bit of a whim with it.

I often find that by body is too long for jumpsuits, but this one is ideal.

It feels like you’re wearing PJ’s but actually (I think) looks pretty dressy.

It’s cool for the summer, and with a pair of heels it works really well for a dressy evening.

It’s honestly like the ultimate piece of clothing, perfect for any opportunity.

It does sometimes reveal a little too much in the chest area, but a simple safety pin fix or vest underneath would do the trick if you’re worried.

This jumpsuit is still in stock and is £20.00. If you’re looking for ultimate comfort and sophistication, this gal is for you.

All in all this entire summer collection cost me £67.00, which I think is pretty impressive. I’m always reluctant to spend too much on summer clothing as we all know it doesn’t usually hang around too long in the UK.

I hope you’ve found this little style guide handy, the ASOS sale is huge at the moment so if you’re looking for a bargain, head on over!

Let me know where you’ve been shopping this summer!


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  1. Rav says:

    I love this haul, you found some really gorgeous pieces! My favs would probably have to be the hat and jumpsuit! Sooo cutee!!

  2. love all the items, that jumpsuit is so beautiful on you xo

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