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Cambridge hidden gems: Movies beneath the stars with Enchanted Cinemas

August 12, 2018

It’s been a little while since i’ve added to my Cambridge hidden gems series, so i’m extremely glad to be cracking on with it today.

For those of you who don’t know, my hidden gems series is essentially a little ‘what’s on, where to go’ type guide for Cambridge.

I currently live in Cambridge and love everything about it. I’ve lived here for over ten years now (with a little three year Newcastle hiatus in between) so I like to think I know a lot about what’s going on.

But the lovely reality is, I don’t always.

The wonderful thing about Cambridge is the unexpected. Just when you think you’ve explored it all, you experience something new and realise that really, you’ve only just uncovered the surface.

My hidden gems series is for everyone. Whether you’re a Cambridge guy/gal through and through, or just someone looking for a cute staycay, I’m recommending some of the best places around.

This time, we’re talking M O V I E S.

I love movies. I’m a sucker for a rom-com, I could sing and dance around my flat to musicals all day (banana mic in hand), and I love nothing more than a good cinema trip.

But i’m not here to tell you about any old movie experience, i’m here to tell you about something magical…something enchanting…

This month, the very lovely people at Enchanted Cinemas got in contact and invited me to come along to one of their outdoor screenings in Cambridge. Being the movie fan I am I obviously jumped at the chance, and after seeing the range of movies they were showing I was even more excited to book our tickets.

Every year over summer the Enchanted Cinema team show a range of movies under the stars at a couple of gorgeous Cambridge locations, and this year the choice was unbelievably good.

We opted for an old musical classic, a movie that I haven’t seen for a very long time, Moulin Rouge.

The Location

Moulin Rouge was being screened at the absolutely stunning Anstey Hall in Grantchester. Now, if you’re not a Cambridge local i’ll give you a quick heads up – Grantchester is absolutely stunning. It’s like somewhere from the movies, in fact there actually is T.V series based and filmed there, artistically named Grantchester…

It’s filled with beautiful fields, a flowing river, quaint pubs, thatched cottages, and fancy manors. It’s just beaut, and Anstey Hall is no different.


It’s a stunning hotel and venue close to Cambridge city centre and the grounds are absolutely perfect for outdoor movie viewing.

Thanks to the very lovely Jack, we got the chance to have a quick peak around the hotel before the movie started. We ended up at the top of the hotel on the most amazing balcony, and wow, what a view.

Down below in the grounds I could see people starting to get cosy in their seats as live music began which was a lovely touch. A young guitarist, Harri Beasley played acoustic guitar covers as we waited for the sun to go down.

And yes, it was just as cute and romantic as you’re imagining.


The Refreshments

What’s amazing about the outdoor cinema experience is the added extras, and i’m of course talking food options.

Because would it really be one of my blog posts without a mention of food?!

As well as the bar provided by the hotel, they have a couple of food stalls. There was the most amazing smelling hot food van selling pulled porky looking things, ridiculously huge hot dogs, and the best smelling fries around.

There was also a little popcorn stall selling freshly popped hot corn which we opted for.

As we sat in our deck chairs, Corona and popcorn in hand we watched the sun setting around us as the start of the movie began.

The Movie

What’s amazing about the Enchanted Cinema screenings is the range of choices they show. Whether you’re looking to watch an old classic or a current oscar winning sensation they’ve got it.

Watching Moulin Rouge was so special. The romance of the movie combined with the stunning surroundings meant it really was the perfect date night activity.

As the movie played on, and the evening got darker it was so comforting to see everyone snuggled beneath their blankets as the starts shined above us.

We were so lucky to be there on such a clear night. The way the lighting lit up the hall and the fairy lights surrounded us was just perfect.

If you’re looking for something a little special to do over the next couple of months I would highly recommend spending an evening with Enchanted Cinema. It’s different, it’s romantic, and if you’re a proper movie fan it’s a fab way to experience something new.

My top tips would be:

It really was an enchanting evening.

Have you been to any outdoor screenings this year? Let me know!

P.S Just for your information, the lovely people at Enchanted Cinema invited me to enjoy this experience in exchange for a blog review, however everything you read on my blog comes from the heart, and I would never promote anything I didn’t truly recommend.


2 responses to “Cambridge hidden gems: Movies beneath the stars with Enchanted Cinemas”

  1. newgirlintoon says:

    OMG this looks perfect and I am a HUGE Moulin Rouge fan (saw it at the cinema at least 4 times when it first came out!)

    We have quite a few outdoor screenings at beautiful old stately homes and hotels in Northumberland and I really need to make it to one one day! We’ve got a drive through in South Shields in the Autumn too which looks fantastic!

    • estherruthwyse says:

      Did you?! That’s incredible, I think the film is fantastic! Aw you would absolutely love the outdoor screenings, it’s such a fantastic experience. A drive through?! Wow I can’t wait to see the photos!!

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