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It’s time we started giving ourselves a break, for creativity’s sake

August 22, 2018

The world of blogging is a weird one.

I still consider myself a newbie to blogging, but now i’ve been posting consistently for almost a year I don’t know how much longer I can say that!?

Starting my blog was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

At one point last year I was feeling unfulfilled by my job and wasn’t feeling like I could use my creativity in the way I wanted.

And that’s where was born.

As well as many other things, my blog filled the creative gap I was feeling. Combined with making a huge push with my Instagram content I started to feel like ideas were flowing in more than just my blogging life.

Strangely, I started enjoying my job more. Because I knew I was getting the chance to use my creativity elsewhere I was enjoying the other parts of my job even more, parts I didn’t expect I would such as analytics and client relationships. It was almost as if it felt less likely that my head would explode with creativity as I was able to use it in different ways both in my job and with my blog.

Without sounding like i’m boasting (almost impossible to do – right?!) I’ve had a pretty successful year. I’ve quadrupled my Instagram followers, grown my Twitter followers by almost 1,000 and have published over 60 blog posts.

I’ve made some amazing connections, collaborated with some fabulous brands, and had the chance to experience some things I never would have if it hadn’t been for blogging.

And i’m pretty proud of that!

I think with anything you’re starting new, motivation comes in thick and fast, but it doesn’t always last.

Let’s take the gym for example. I’m absolutely no stranger to the Jan 1st gym push, slowly fading out by Jan 3rd, maybe Jan 4th at a stretch.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! Naturally, motivation fluctuates.

The problem is, its near impossible to banish the feelings of guilt.

With a few exceptions i’ve managed to post blogs consistently at least two times a week, and Instagram content at least once a day as well as continuous stories.

That was until May (or as I like to call it – the birthday month!) hit. During May things were pretty busy with birthday plans and unfortunately I was a little under the weather, you can see the full update here. After May, I tried to get back into the swing of full time (three posts a week) blogging but i’ll admit it, I struggled.

A lot of my lack of motivation I put down to the weather. Honestly, the want to write was well and truly there, but finding the time to actually do it was becoming impossible.

During the first six months of running my blog I would dedicate a lot more time to it and I wouldn’t make plans because I knew I needed to write to keep to the schedule.

And i’m in two minds about this. It may make me sound a bit anti social but blogging and Instagramming is what I love, so surely it’s ok to want to spend my time doing it?

However on the other side of things it seems somewhat unhealthy to not make plans in order to keep up with a schedule.

Either way over summer my posting has been a lot less frequent. You guys know what it’s like, as soon as the sun comes out everyone becomes 2,000 times more sociable and essentially almost every night is spent with a gin in hand on some sort of grass land.

And that’s where I found myself stuck. Wanting so badly to keep up with blogging but at the same time feeling like my priorities were to enjoy the summer.

After all it’s likely to be another 65 years before we get a summer as hot as this one.

Over the last few weeks i’ve eased myself back into blogging, i’m not posting as much as I was. I’m sticking to one blog post every Sunday and as much as I can on Instagram.

Instagram is where my passion lies so i’d rather put more of my time into that and a little less into blogging.

I figure rather than trying to push out three blogs a week with a full time job and everything else that comes alongside life, I should balance my time more.

Ok, I feel like i’ve majorly digressed when the point of this post was actually not to divulge my new posting scheduled – but it’s all contextual!

The point I really want to cover is how i’ve felt since having a break.

Over the past couple of months i’ve still been posting on the blog and Instagram, i’ve just put less pressure on myself to stick to such a strict posting regime.

I’m now fully back into my blogging and you know how I feel after giving myself a break?

Refreshed, motivated, and excited!

Sometimes we can put so much pressure on ourselves to get something done that the joy of it just slips away. Giving myself a real break has meant that I have come back with some amazing new ideas and a whole new wave of motivation.

It’s so easy for us to get stuck in a rut and honestly when you feel like that, it’s time to take a break. Even if it’s just a week. I know it can feel daunting but just remember this – nothing awful is going to happen. It can sometimes feel like once you stop you won’t be able to get back into it but I promise it’s easier than you think.

You’ll post a new blog you’re super proud of or you’ll get a message from a brand you love and the motivation will come running back.

If not, it’s not time to come back!

Here are some small ways i’ve found can really help in terms of encouraging yourself to have a break

  1. Log out of Instagram for a day – don’t check it at all!
  2. Let your followers know your blog is on holiday for a couple of weeks – this will ease your mind, you’re not letting anyone down because they know you’re having a break
  3. Write posts in advance and scheduled them for upcoming weeks – then leave the blog to do it’s thing! If you’re worried about not posting then at least work it so you’re covered for a couple of weeks break
  4. Mix up your schedule a bit – like i’ve mentioned i’ve reduced the amount i’m posting and it feels so much better. This means I have more evenings free in the week to chill, see friends, or even just to sleep!

If you’re feeling a lack of motivation or creativity it’s time to take a break and it’s time we stopped feeling guilty for it. I promise it will be worth it when you come back!

How do you find ways to switch off? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




6 responses to “It’s time we started giving ourselves a break, for creativity’s sake”

  1. I love this post. I think there’s always so much pressure to stick to your posting schedule or to always be creating awesome content but sometimes, it’s not possible and life gets in the way. I love scheduling a few posts in advance as I find it gives me a little breathing room to really brainstorm new ideas and actually want to write my blog again!

    • estherruthwyse says:

      I completely agree! It’s also so easy to compare to others which is such a shame, we should just enjoy it all! 🙌🏼 that’s also a really good idea, I think if you can get scheduled in advance then you can relax more. Thank you for your lovely comment! Xx

  2. Em says:

    I love this post! I totally agree, I think we all put pressure on ourselves needlessly, and all it really gets us is a major case of writers / creativity block!
    I’ve started writing posts in advance as you’ve suggested, and then if I find myself too busy any given week, I know I have a couple in reserve, it’s helped tonnes!

    Em x

    • estherruthwyse says:

      Doesn’t it just?! I think that sounds like a great idea, just write when you can and the posts will be more authentic and in the end good quality! Thank you lovely xxx

  3. newgirlintoon says:

    Im definitely in need of a break soon I think, I post 3-5 times a week and have done consistently for 5 years, it’s a little bonkers! But when you get into that routine it’s so so hard to pull back! It’s really daft because I feel if I took a week or so off the only person who would actually notice would be me!

    • estherruthwyse says:

      What?! Well done to you that’s amazing! And you work full time right?! I can imagine – but everyone loves your content so you just do what you can 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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