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What’s in my makeup bag: August beauty favourites

August 27, 2018

Writing about beauty products isn’t my favourite thing. You might think, what an odd way to start a beauty post but bear with me!

Don’t get me wrong if i’m writing, i’m happy. But there are of course some topics I prefer to write about.

For instance food. You guys must know by now – i’m obsessed. And that comes across when I write. I can go for hours talking about flavours, photographs, meals out and the rest.

With beauty products I guess I just don’t know as much.

But that’s why I feel it’s important I write about what I’ve tried.

Because I know there are probably a huge handful of people who are in the same boat and ya know what, us non-MUA’s gotta stick together!

If i’m buying a beauty product the likelihood is someone has recommended it to me. Because I’m not a makeup expert I don’t really know what to go for, so recommendations are where it’s at.

And that my lovely friends is exactly why i’m writing this post. Someone out there will be  wondering what concealer to go for next, or whether this primer is any good, and from normal gal to normal gal, I’d like to spread my thoughts.

At the beginning of the month I ran out of almost ALL my beauty products.

I’m getting de ja vu…I’ve almost definitely written that in one of my recent posts. Probably because I ALWAYS seem to run out of makeup products at the same time. It’s the worst.

Luckily, boots had a smashing three-for-two offer on makeup and hair which I took full advantage of. Here’s what i’ve been using.


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque

About 5 years ago my hair decided to turn against me. These days, whatever the weather I am consumed by a large ball of frizz surrounding my head. It must be something to do with my age…

If you’ve been following me recently you’ll know I made the drastic decision to chop off my long locks. See full details here. Since rocking the lob, i’ve really had to take control of my frizzy problem

My gorgeous best friend who also very much rocks the lob was the first person I went to for advice. She could not recommend this hair mask more.

Now i’ve tried this deep conditioner I don’t think i’ll ever go back. It leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth without weighing down my natural curls.

It also smells UNREAL.

Product details

Repairs & fortifies. Protects against breakage. Safe for colour-treated hair.

Deep treatment visibly repairs and fortifies dry, damaged, frizzy hair to help protect against breakage. Moisturises, silkens and shines. Infused with avocado oil.

How to use

Smooth conditioner through clean, wet hair, concentrating on ends. Leave on 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.



John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects+ Serum 50ml

When the frizz problem first hit me, I purchased my first bottle of Frizz-Ease serum.

I felt like it did nothing for me.

I now realise that using the original strength serum was just not gunna cut it, I needed an extra boost.

Combining this John Frieda serum with the Masque I feel is a pretty successful combination. Rather than my hair tripling in volume and creating a fuzzy layer around me, it enhances my curls and stays relatively under control.

The feel of the serum is smooth, and unlike other hair products i’ve tried before it doesn’t weight my hair down or make it look greasy.

I just use a few pumps on my hair after i’ve come out of the shower, run it through with my fingers and then try and leave it do dry as naturally as possible.

Product details

Silk protein and added control. Eliminates frizz. Protects from humidity and heat. Smoothes, hydrates and tames. Apply to wet hair.

How to use

Apply to soaking wet hair. Use sparingly, dispensing 1 pump of Serum into palm. Rub hands together and distribute evenly throughout hair. Avoid applying directly to roots. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. Do not rinse out. Style as desired.




No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I have a special place in my heart for No7 products and i’ve written about my love for them before – A No7 makeup haul and why I love this brand. The products are reasonably priced, really good quality, and diverse.

I’m an especially huge fan of their foundation which i’ve used since I was a teenager. This year I switched foundation types, I stuck with No7 but wanted something a little more matte which is why I chose the Stay Perfect foundation. I’ve written a post about the old foundation vs the new which you can see here.

I absolutely love this foundation. It suits my skin perfectly and keeps my oily forehead less mirror like when I’m out and about. No7 also offer a tone matching service which is amazingly simple so there’s never an orange line in sight.

If you’re looking for good coverage with a somewhat natural feel this foundation is one you must try.

Product details

Life-proof foundation for a naturally flawless complexion with super-staying power, uniquely matched to your skin tone using No7 Stay Perfect. It can be relied upon to stay perfect; weather-proof and transfer-proof, it won’t cake or flake on dry skin, nor slide or shine on oily skin.

How to use

Shake before use. Blend on smoothly and evenly, we recommend using the No7 foundation brush or No7 flawless finish sponge.



Rimmel Insta Colour Correcting Primer

I had a sneaky suspicion my previous primer (a cheap one i’m not even sure of the name) was causing my to break up. No surprise there as it was cheap, but I wanted to try something new to see if it helped.

I didn’t really have much of an idea of what I wanted when I went to choose my primer so I decided to do a bit of a lucky dip. A few of the boots products were on offer, you know, as they often are, so I picked up this primer along with the concealer.

What I would say about this CC primer is it works great as a colour corrector but doesn’t do as much as i’d like in the way of priming before makeup. It’s great to help enhance an even skin tone but i’m not sure it helps with creating a smooth base.

It does feel lovely on the skin, it’s smooth and unscented so I get the feeling it’s not doing anything too scary to my skin…I hope!

Product details

Colour correct your skin concerns with our Insta CC Primers Neutralise redness with this lightweight, green-toned primer to perfectly prepare and balance the skin

How to use

• Neutralise redness
• Prepare and balance the skin
• Blur Imperfections
• For a brighter, more radiant look
• Lightweight formula



Rimmel London Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer

Sadly, this month I had to down grade on concealer. Previously i’d been using some Clinique concealer my mum had given me and oh wow it was incredible. It could hide a weeks worth of sleepless nights as well as a pre period break out. Just incredible.

But ya know, as much as I love to imagine I life the life of luxury, bills and stuff are very much real so this month I opted for a cheaper option.

This concealer is basic but good. Instead of a brush end it’s a sponge which I quite like, it helps smooth it into the cracks (lets be honest the deep crevices of the eye bags) and you can always use a brush afterwards to smooth it in with the foundation.

The colour works well and for the price it is I think it’s pretty decent. I’m not sure how long it will last me but i’ll be sure to report back, often these little tubes only last a month or so, especially if you’re v v tired and those bags need a little extra attention.

Product details

Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer is formulated to be non-cakey and lightweight on your skin, with our breathable skin technology allowing your pores to breathe as if there were nothing there.

How to use

• Match the concealer with the skin tone of your jawline to find the right shade for you.
• Always apply in good natural light to ensure even coverage.
• Put a small amount on the back of your hand, then simply dab the concealer with the tips of your finger or a foundation brush in order to blend it in to the skin to cover up unsightly blemishes.



So there we have it, a very full and surprisingly long update about what’s filling my makeup bag this month…who said I couldn’t write about beauty products?!

Makeup Bag Products

I hope i’ve been helpful in someway shape or form, I know sometimes the world of makeup can seem a little bit like a scary jungle so it’s always great to share recommendations.

Talking of which, what are you loving at the moment? I’d love to know!


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  1. Diana says:

    I liked the Rimmel breathable concealer. It’s great for the price. But that applicator is the death of me, so much product wasted, so many bacteria!

    my blog had a facelift –

    • estherruthwyse says:

      Yes I know what you mean! Sometimes I have no idea why they put that certain applicator with the product 😭 xxx

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