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A bloggers dinner at the Parker’s Tavern, Cambridge

September 23, 2018

As most of you probably know I live in lovely Cambridge. I have done for over ten years now and it really is home. I love everything about Cambridge, the people, the culture, what’s on, the cute little cottages, the nightlife, and of course and most importantly, the food.

Wherever you turn in Cambridge there is somewhere you can go for food and just when you think you’ve tried it all, something brand new pops up and oh dear, you just have to go and try it!

Recently I was invited to have dinner with a group of gorgeous bloggers at the Parker’s Tavern, a brand new restaurant which has opened in central Cambridge.

The Parker’s Tavern is joined to the newly refurbished University Arms Hotel in central Cambridge but has it’s own separate identity as a restaurant.

The first thing to note about the University Arms Hotel is the grandness of it.

Esther Ruth Wyse outside university arms hotel

(Look how tiny I look compared to the building considering how tall I actually am!)

It sits along one of the most central roads in Cambridge and it’s towering pillars and turquoise roof make it almost impossible to miss – and after spending the evening there I really don’t think you want to miss it!

After spending a while wandering around the entrance of this palace like building (and of course taking a few necessary snaps) we decided to head indoors…the huge doors.

At this point I was wondering how the interior was going to compete with the marvellous looking exterior but those thoughts didn’t last long once I stepped inside the hotel. Wow. Luckily, our evening started off with a guided tour from Tristan Welch, the head chef so I could see for myself just how beautiful it was.

The University Arms Hotel

University arms hotel history book

University arms hotel reception

University arms hotel entrance

University arms hotel bath

I mean would you look at that bath!? If you follow me on Instagram you know I love a cosy bath and can you imagine how incredible it would be in this one?! A proper roll top with an idyllic window view of Cambridge. Perfect.

Every detail of this hotel has been thought about, from the room names to the artwork it all links back to the fabulous town it’s built in, our lovely Cambridge. We learnt all about the history of the hotel, about it’s refurbishment, the interior, and much more but i’ll admit it I got slightly distracted snapping away…I couldn’t resist the velvet armchairs!

Mirror Selfie university arms

If you want to know more about the history of the hotel and Cambridge itself, just head on over here.

The Parkers Tavern Restaurant and Bar

Parkers Tavern cosy restaurant

Parkers Tavern Cocktails

The Parkers Tavern Bar Cambridge

Parkers Tavern reasturant Cambridge

“Parker’s Tavern is a quintessentially English brasserie on the ground floor of the University Arms.”


This statement could not be more true of this restaurant, everything about it is so British in a totally charming way. What I love about the bar area is that it feels luxurious at the same time as being cosy. You know sometimes you go somewhere super posh and it almost feels as if the atmosphere well…isn’t really there? This place has buckets of it.

I can imagine it being the perfect place to spend a wintery evening, especially closer to Christmas.

The Parkers Tavern Food

Here it comes, my favourite part…

Tempura courgette   tomato and mozarella starter   slow cooked lamb with vegIce cream Sundae

What we ate




Bloggers eating ice cream

The food was exceptional. Tristan very kindly gave suggestions on what we should try from the menu and he picked extremely well, I adore all things tempura.

I’d never had burrata (a very soft mozzarella-like cheese) until I had it at the Parkers Tavern and since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It is divine!

Onto the main i’ll admit it, i’m never hugely excited about lamb. I can very much appreciate it with a bunch of roasties on a Sunday but it would never usually be my first choice. This lamb dish was exceptional. The lamb was so soft and tender it literally pulled apart with one touch of the fork. It was succulent and was wonderfully complimented by the fresh tomatoes.

The flavour combinations they had going on was just incredible.

Ok so moving onto pudding, you see that list up there? That’s one of everything from the menu, we literally went to town on pudding which is quite shocking considering how much of the rest of it we’d managed to eat.

I was most excited about the create your own ice cream sundaes, yes this might make me seem like a bit of a child but the options were incredible! We were handed a list and asked to tick which flavours and toppings we would like. From pistachio ice cream and raspberry sorbet to mini marshmallows and caramel sauce there were just so many delicious options to chose from. So, naturally I basically ticked the whole list.

I can’t say enough how exceptional the food was and I cannot wait to return to try more of the menu…and maybe grab another ice cream sundae!

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Cambridge or just fancy a luxurious cosy evening, the Parkers Tavern Restaurant in the University Arms Hotel is where you need to head. You can find all the details on there website here.

Parkers tavern pinterest blog graphic

Cosy luxury in the heart of gorgeous Cambridge.

P.S Just for your information, the lovely people at the Parkers Tavern invited me to enjoy this experience in exchange for a blog review, however everything you read on my blog comes from the heart, and I would never promote anything I didn’t truly recommend.



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  1. This sounds like a place to take into consideration when travelling to Cambridge. I enjoyed the post a lot! Thanks for sharing.

  2. newgirlintoon says:

    Wow it looks beautiful – that bath tub!!! In all the years I lived in Norwich I only made it to Cambridge a few times, gutted I didn’t take advantage now especially after they built the direct train line! I’d love to go back one day!

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