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Autumn lookbook – the Instagram edit

October 22, 2018

In prep for autumn winter this year I decided it was time to upgrade my wardrobe with a few staple bits.

I’m not usually one for splashing out on new clothes, I buy a little something every now and then but I have to say you’re more likely to see me browsing the crisp section in Tesco rather than the teddy coat isle in Topshop. Although saying that I am really tempted to invest in a teddy this year…

Anyway, regardless of my love for crisps this year I decided to pull myself away and avert my eyes towards some autumn winter clothing. Oh what a hard life.

If you’re anything like me you’re about as cold as the north pole in winter so it’s vital that whatever I invest in is going to keep me as toasty as possible, and this year I feel like I’ve absolutely succeeded.

On a quick side note as well, this time last year I wrote a similar post and if you’re looking for a bit of a giggle/ to see how much my blog style has changed just click this little link here.

I’ve been lucky enough to have received a lot of questions and kind compliments on Instagram about my new bits so I thought I’d bung them all in a post in case you’re lacking a bitta inspo.

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The Oversized Block Colour Knit

esther in tesco jumper

The first thing i’m absolutely obsessing over is this oversized block colour knitted jumper.

It’s amazingly soft and the neckline comes right up to the top so it’s perfect to help stay warm. I love the autumnal colours which make it super easy to accessorise. I’ve paired it here with my favourite new look bag and ripped jeans.

When I uncovered this jumper from the racks I was first off unsure because they were only displaying sizes 14 and above. Usually I’m an 8 or 10 so I was hesitant but in the end it was such a bargain and I loved it too much to let it go. I’m wearing a size 14 in these photos and I have to say, it is unbelievably comfortable.

esther wearing jumper

Jumper: F&F (Size 14)

Bag: Newlook

Jeans: Newlook (Size 10 – Haillie)

winter outfit flatlay

The jumper is F&F but annoyingly they don’t display their stock on their website. If you can head to your nearest Tesco store you might be lucky enough to find one and last I checked they had been reduced to £10! What. a. bargain.

As I sadly can’t link you to this particular piece of knitted goodness I’ve found a few similar looking ones on ASOS >>

New Look Colour Block Stand Neck Jumper

Misguided Colour Block High Neck Jumper 

The Blue Wash Denim Dungarees

Esther wears new look dungarees

Have you ever invested in a piece of clothing, put it on and then suddenly felt like yourself? It might sound odd but that’s exactly what happened with these dungarees.

I’ve wanted a pair for my entire adult life but have never found the right pair. Until now – Newlook is my savour.

esther wearing dungarees

Dungarees: Newlook (Size 10)

Striped basic: Zara (Medium)

Pastel trainers: Newlook

esther wearing dungarees

Can you tell i’m going for comfort this season?

There are so many things I adore about these dungarees:

  1. They’re crazy comfy, nice and baggy round the legs but shapely round the peach
  2. They go with so many things. Luckily almost my entire wardrobe consists of long sleeved stripes which work perfectly with these. I’ve also been pairing it with lumberjack style shirts and roll neck jumpers.
  3. They’re something a bit different. I’m stuck in the jeans and tee trap at the moment, so I’m really trying to branch out…at least into other styles of denim wear!

If I could wear these daily and get away with it I really could, a fab investment if you’re looking for cute style plus comfort.

The Cosy Grey Rollneck

esther wears cosy grey jumper


The grey, the softness, the warmth, the style, the rollneck, I just love it all. This is one of those jumpers you put on and honestly never want to take off. And why would you when we live in England AKA the north pole and you’ve found the worlds best knitwear piece?

esther wears rollneck jumper

Jumper: Newlook (Size 10)

Jeans: Newlook (Size 10 – Hallie)

Pastel trainers: Newlook

esther wearing grey rollneck jumper

The pale colour of this jumper makes it the perfect base for autumnal coats and scarves. I’ve not yet ventured into my scarf box (I’m holding out until November) but when I do I have the perfect autumnal scarf to match with this. Look out for it on the gram!

This beaut of a jumper also comes in mustard which I am SO tempted buy…is two of the same too many? HELP!

And there we have it, my complete autumn lookbook with Inspiration from my Instagram.

One thing I will say and you’ve probably noticed by looking at the links in this post, I am absolutely loving Newlook this season. Sometimes I go in and am uninspired by a lot but at the moment I want everything. Seriously, I want it all.

pinterest graphic

If you have any questions about any of these pieces just drop me a message!

I’m always looking for advice on my style so if you have any suggestions or favourites this season please send them my way.



6 responses to “Autumn lookbook – the Instagram edit”

  1. I love all these outfits Esther! You look lovely in them all too! x

    Lucy |

  2. Loved this – the jumpers all look so cosy! I totally feel you on wanting to be as warm as humanly possible – everyone else is putting on weight in winter while I’m shivering mine away 😂 I also really want a pair of dungarees but it’s so hard finding them when you’re tall! And crisps… heavenly.

    • estherruthwyse says:

      Thanks so much Katy!! You’re so sweet, really means a lot 🙂 Hahaha me too! Honestly, get yourself to new look! I’m really tall too but I think this pair are ok…I hope!! xxxx

  3. Ellie says:

    You’re style is lovely, especially in love with the dungarees!

    My recent post:

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