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25 things you only know if you’re an ‘Instagrammer’

November 27, 2018

So the idea to write this post came to me recently after a conversation I had with a couple of very lovely bloggers at the John Lewis event in Cambridge.

I was chatting with Soph from and Rebecca from If you don’t follow them both you’re seriously missing out, they are such lovely girls and their socials are just gorgeous. A high recommendation from me!

We got onto the conversation of Instagram photos because as you can probably imagine when you get a bunch of blogging gals together at an event, there are more than just a few photos being taken.

We quickly realised that we all have exactly the same frustrations when it comes to getting Instagram photos, especially when we’re relying on others to take our photos (sorry guys, but this was especially aimed at you!). It was absolutely hilarious to chat to the girls about what happens when we try and get our boyfriends to take photos and the repercussions that come afterwards. Honestly, sometimes it’s pretty tragic…

After having a right belly laugh with the girls and having had similar conversations with other Instagrammers, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of frustrations, feelings, slip ups and all the in-between that comes with curating an Instagram feed to see just how many people really do relate.

So let’s do it!

  1. No matter who is taking a photo of you for your Instagram feed, you’ll always feel a tiny bit of awkwardness at having to pose in front of them, especially if they’re not into Instagram themselves.
  2. A good flatlay session is almost as difficult as a full on gym workout. It’s like yoga with a camera.
  3. It’s a heartbreaking moment when you find the perfect backdrop for your photo but then quickly realise the sun is glaring right into your face.
  4. There will always be at least 43 versions of the same photo in your camera roll.
  5. Finding a new background for your photos in perfect lighting is like gold dust.
  6. ‘Mood lighting’ makes for the worst food photos.
  7. A near sure way to start an argument is to try and get your boyfriend to take an Instagram photo of you when you’re out together.
  8. Especially if you don’t like any of them and he has to take them all again.
  9. Sometimes a photo just doesn’t work, and then suddenly you move one little thing and it all comes together and BAM you got the perfect shot.
  10. People love to stare when it comes to Instagram photos.
  11. It really helps to have nice hands.
  12. You’ll often eat your meals cold.
  13. It’s really difficult telling someone you don’t like any of the photos they’ve taken. Seriously, there is no kind way to do it.
  14. Trying to gage where the best position is in terms of lighting at a restaurant is like a race to decide before everyone takes their seat.
  15. And if you make the wrong decision you won’t stop thinking about how much better your photo could have been if you’d sat elsewhere.
  16. Everywhere you go there is an Instagram opportunity.
  17. Some friends get it, some friends don’t.
  18. When you go out with someone who is also and Instagrammer it’s SUCH a relief. They just get that you need 100 versions of the same shot in different poses. No judgement.
  19. Other Instagrammers are also much more willing to get themselves into weird and wonderful positions, all in the name of the gram’.
  20. There’s nothing worse than taking a load of Instagram photos to then realise you’ve had your jumper tucked into your jeans just that little bit tight.
  21. Or when one piece of hair is covering your face and the person taking your photos doesn’t tell you.
  22. People probably think you’re vein for always wanting photos.
  23. Or at least you will overthink that they do, even if they don’t.
  24. When your friend/ boyfriend nails the perfect shot and you just feel so proud.
  25. Arriving at a restaurant to find they have skylights is like winning the lottery.

INstagrammer - Pinterest graphic

I could go on and on with this post, but at risk of sounding a little bit crazy I think I’ll leave it there. If you’d like to see the result of my photos after all this, you can find me just here.

I’d love to know how many of these you relate to!


24 responses to “25 things you only know if you’re an ‘Instagrammer’”

  1. Hels says:

    Haha, this is great – and so true! My husband haaaaates having to take my photo, and flatlays are definitely a workout!
    Hels xx

  2. Girl this post hit the nail on the head! I know what you mean especially with the flatlays and getting duplicate photos haha..Not too sure on the outfit shots as I havnt mastered that bit yet lol…xx

  3. Pau Loya says:

    This is so funny cause it’s true!!! Although the hubby to be actually doesn’t mind taking the photos he has learnt by now there no other choice 😂 xx

  4. Ms Poppadom says:

    Totally get this. Pssst. 22. it’s ‘vain’ not vein. Veins are for blood.

  5. Taiwo says:

    I LOVE this post 😂😂 I don’t take personal photos of myself but when I take flatlays, I spend *ages* at it. The 43 versions is not am exaggeration at all 😂😂

  6. YES, YES, YES, YES! OMG Simon and I definitely row the most about Instagram, even though I try and tell him he doesn’t have it that hard cos I don’t really feature that many photos of myself!

    My biggest hate is definitely the lighting in restaurants, sometimes when I book a table I’ll ask for one by a window just because I know I’ll get a better shot. My friends think I’m hilarious … I once asked the restaurant manager to turn the lights of the restaurant up to get a better shot – INSTA DIVA! It’s also SO stressful when you dine with people who don’t get it and they get their bum on the best seat for lighting before you get there and you can’t really ask them to move can you?!!

    Another one you need to add is your family constantly taking the pee because they just don’t get it! Last time I went home my sisters had told my Dad I had posted a photo on Instagram of myself in the bath .. that took some explaining!

    • estherruthwyse says:

      YES!!!! And when you’re trying to take photos of your food and people you’re with just don’t get that you need to take so many?!

      I have the exact thing with family, and I also had a conversation with them about bath photos 😂 they just don’t get it sometimes! It’s definitely misunderstood haha but I’m glad I’m not the only one 💖

  7. OMG this is probably the best post I’ve read in ages! This made me laugh and nod all the way through! Amazing post Esther! xx

    Lucy |

  8. Eating cold meals! Oh jeez, this is the short of my life. 😂 No seriously, I find truly refreshing being surrounded by supportive camilo más friends who will coperate por that ‘quick’ Insta photo. I consider myself very lucky on that department.
    Also, the husband is the most patient photographer ever.

    Thanks for the post, It is truly relatable.

    • estherruthwyse says:

      Hahaha cold meals are 100% my life 😂😂 so glad it’s not just me! I find it so comforting to be around other bloggers etc because they just know how it feels! Lucky about the husband 🙌🏼🙌🏼 xxx

  9. Kristina says:

    Haha, loved reading this and smiling/nodding with each point I relate to (most to be honest) 💖

  10. Lol this is so funny because it’s so true! I can only imagine how funny it was to cultivate this list. Thanks for sharing!!

    xx, Des |

  11. sophhearts says:

    Hahaha ‘it really helps to have nice hands’ – I’m so glad I’m not alone in this one – I really don’t think I have unattractive hands until I take a photo and I’m like omg thats so awkward or why are they so pale?? Love this post and thanks so much for the mention- hit me up any time and we can get some photos together in Cambridge if you like- could be quite fun over Summer and we can get some content without causing any relationship troubles for that week! 😉

    Soph – x

    • estherruthwyse says:

      I completely agree 😂 and if I haven’t got my nails done it’s quite stressful! 🙈🙈 aw you’re welcome lovely it was so nice to meet you, YES, we should definitely plan that soon! Xxx

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