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Cambridge hidden gems: An evening with Gourmet Brownie

January 29, 2019

Ok I have a question for you: If you follow me on Instagram (if not, find me here) what are three things you are guaranteed to see on my feed at any given time?

I’m asking you this question because recently I was invited to an event which I fully believe is a perfect fit for my Instagram feed and everything I love. Food, gin, and flowers.

See what I mean!?

I was very kindly invited to an event hosted by Gourmet Brownie in Ely which is just outside of Cambridge.

Gourmet Brownie is a traditional family baker in the heart of Cambridge. All of their signature all-butter (I know right?!) brownies are handmade using pure Belgian chocolate (OK OMG) and free range eggs from local farmers, with no artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings, for a perfectly crisp crust and a rich, indulgent centre.

Ok, admit it, who’s drooling at the screen right now?

The evening was hosted at the lovely Poets House in ely and as we entered the bar we were greeted with delicious cocktails. A mocktail for me as I was driving but once I had a taste of the fruity goodness in my glass I was more than ok with that! Delicious.

We were introduced to the directors of Grourmet Brownie, Andrew and Kirsten and they lead us upstairs to what I can only describe as something close to heaven. As we walked up the stairs we started to smell chocolate and well, that’s when I knew it was going to be good.

As we walked into the room there were gasps all around, I know that sounds dramatic but honestly, it was like something out of a movie.

Gourmet brownie table

The long table in the middle of the room was covered, I mean COVERED, with incredible looking brownies. After a good 15 minutes of photo taking (you know how it goes) we each took a place at the table.

We then had the chance to decorate four of our own brownies and I have to admit I would have been happy to eat them plain – they still looked incredible! Saying that though, we had so much fun getting creative and the team had brought in so many beautiful bits for us to decorate with. Coloured icing bags, edible flowers, dried fruits, dried petals, meringue and even GLITTER SPRAY. An Instagrammers dream, right?!

Yes I did manage to resist covering all four brownies in glitter spray.

Gourmet brownie box cambridge Brownie decorations

To accompany the evening and make sure our glasses were never empty was local company, Ely Gin. They kindly gifted us a bottle of Raspberry flavoured gin which I cannot wait to try.

OH! How could I forget to mention this?! This event was to celebrate Gourmet Brownie’s Valentine’s launch and rather than covering everything in cliche pink glitter and hearts, they decided to go with a raspberry theme. Now one thing you need to know about me is my absolute favourite sweet combination is raspberry and chocolate. Honestly, I told you this was my perfect event!

The room was stunningly decorated with flowers from another local business, Farm Flowers.

Farm flowers bouquet Farm flowers cambridge

It was amazing to hear the passion Andrew and Kirstyn have both about their delicious produce as well as supporting local Cambridge businesses – and it absolutely paid off!

Gourmet Brownie are launching some extra special flavours in time for Valentine’s Day and let’s be honest, what better to treat someone you love than with food?!

Choose from:

Or dive into their classic collection to design bae THE perfect treat. Gourmet Brownie will deliver your gift box along with your message direct to their door.

I seriously recommend you go for the ‘Nuts About You’ AKA THE SNICKERS BROWNIE. Yes, it’s out of this world.

Nuts about you brownie Snickers brownie

Use code VAL19 for 15% off, as if the deal wasn’t sweet enough!

gourmet brownie gift box

I have to say thank you to Kirstyn and Andrew for such a wonderful evening. From the food to the decorations, the atmosphere to the people it was truly lovely.

Among some other absolute babes, I got to spend the evening with the beautiful Frances who kindly took this snap for me, you can find her blog here.

I’m still thinking about these brownies almost two weeks later so if you’re looking for a way to treat someone(or yourself!) I highly recommend these squares of deliciousness, and don’t forget to use the code VAL19 for 15% off!

Gourmet brownie Pinterest Graphic

Which flavour would you choose?

P.S Just for your information, the lovely people at the Gourmet Brownie invited me to enjoy this experience free of charge, however everything you read on my blog comes from the heart, and I would never promote anything I didn’t truly recommend.





4 responses to “Cambridge hidden gems: An evening with Gourmet Brownie”

  1. Gorgeous pictures and OMG the brownies look so so good! How did you manage to decorate them without just taking a bite every now and again! I definitely would have gobbled up all mine before finishing them!

    • estherruthwyse says:

      THANK YOU! They were so good! It took quite a bit of will power but there were plenty more for us to try which was lucky!

  2. Em says:

    Ok. Now I am in serious need to clean my keyboard… these look amazing!! I loved watching about this on your stories, but reading all about it and seeing these beautiful photos is even better!

    I’ll absolutely be having a little look and using the code, although I’ll shamelessly admit that the brownies are for myself!

    Em x

    • estherruthwyse says:

      They honestly are out of this world!! YES! Treat yourself they really are worth it! So glad you enjoyed the post xx

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