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My 2020 goal plan

December 31, 2019

It’s that time again, the New Year is upon us and whether you join in with it or not (a cliche nightmare for some), for me it’s a time for looking forward, planning, and goal setting.

I couldn’t be more ready for a new start in 2020, I’ve been wanting to hit the reset button for basically the whole year…ok I’m being dramatic, but as you probably know 2019 has not been the easiest year in the Esther Ruth Wyse world. It brought what seemed like challenge after challenge, and as I explained to my bestie at breakfast this morning, I feel like I’ve spent the year repairing and growing.

And speaking of growing, before I started writing this post I took a look back at my goals this time last year. It feels like an absolute lifetime ago I sat down and thought about 2019, and I honestly feel like I am not that person anymore. 2019 took me in a direction I never expected so although I may not have focussed on those specific goals in the way I’d imagined, the path I’ve been on has incorporated those and so many more.

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This morning I sat down to brainstorm my 2020 goals and I could have gone for hours. I feel so much more ambitious, so much more excited, and so much more ready to embrace everything in the new year. Whether the year takes me through these goals or not, I know I’ll be ready for whatever comes my way.

1. Explore one new place each month

I’m lucky to know and have friends all over the world, and especially all over the UK so I want to make the most of that. Visit as many people as I can, and head to new locations frequently. Of course time and money limits me slightly, but even if it’s just a day trip near to Cambridge, my plan is to explore!

2. Go on a solo trip

And moving on nicely from that I want to take myself on a solo trip. I’m planning to go on a little weekend away to Europe, not to visit anyone, just explore somewhere by myself. And that comes along with going out for dinner alone, working out public transport in another country alone, and so much more which I so desperately want to do this year.

3. Run with the new direction of my social content

My social channels are lifestyle based, so I tend to share the majority of what is going on in my life. During 2019 I was dealing with a breakup which brought huge life changes, and although I knew I’d want to talk about it at some point, I felt it was important to work through it all myself before speaking about it online. Now I’m 10 months on (WTF!!) I feel ready to embrace this new direction and I want to share everything from dealing with heartbreak to single life and dating. I’m passionate about sharing my experience in hopes of helping others and plus, I think it’s going to be pretty fun…

My first three goals for 2020 are pretty big, and even though there’s A LOT I want to achieve over the year I try not to pile on too much pressure, so here are some of the smaller goals I’m setting.

4. Practice self care and gratitude once a week

5. Keep my house plants alive (this is probably the hardest one yet)

6. Take on another physical challenge

7. Read books – so much more!

8. Improve my physical fitness

Honestly, I feel like I could keep going forever with this list and I’m so pleased about it. I’m crazy excited for the new year and the opportunities it’s going to bring.

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Have you set yourself any goals for 2020? Let me know!




2 responses to “My 2020 goal plan”

  1. Harriet says:

    Setting goals is really important, but also so is not berating yourself if you slip up now and then. I’m trying to read more books too, and would like to have less time on social media and use the time I do spend on it more positively. I’m also making an effort to read more blogs! Oh yes and the house plants thing too… *she says whilst glancing at a dying aloe vera desk plant* lol xx

    • estherruthwyse says:

      I completely agree, it’s so nice to have something to work towards but it can be disappointing when you slip out. I love what you’ve done so far with Instagram, I need to do something similar…have a clear out! xxx

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