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November 19, 2017

A secret Santa gift guide for gals

The nights are getting longer, the weather is getting colder, the shops are getting busier, and just like that December is in sight. CHRISTMAS IS COMING. *Sings* It’s the most wonderful time of the year I’m an avid Christmas fan. I just love everything about it. Part of what I love about Christmas is the build up, when everyone seems a little bit jollier. Whether it’s…

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November 16, 2017

My top autumnal fashion picks: and why I can’t live without stripes

Summer in the UK is weird. There’ll be one random sweltering day you finally get to wear your new denim shorts, which potentially you bought a couple of years ago. Maybe even catch a bit of colour? Probably not. Fast forward to the next day (or even the next hour) and boom, it’s freezing cold and raining. Typical UK style. One thing I really look…

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November 12, 2017

Jamie Oliver’s five ingredient bible: my favourite recipes

If you know me, or you follow me on any form of social media, you’ll already know how much I love food. It is literally my life. I think about what to have for dinner when i’m eating breakfast, or even the night before. When i’m eating a snack, I’m already thinking about what my next snack could be. I admit to being one of…

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November 9, 2017

Why I love Autumn

Our living room window looks out onto a park, and a couple of mornings ago I opened the curtains and saw the grass covered in frost. I’m one of those people who is constantly cold. I’ll wear six layers, have my hot water bottle and a blanket and still be shivering. But I love winter, and Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. (I…

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